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80% of people suffer from spine-related problems.


The average person spends 13 hours a day in a sitting position, which amounts to a total of 80,000 hours in a lifetime.

While sitting our organism – along with its basic structure of the spine – is exposed to constant overload, reaching as much as one hundred kilograms.

The effects of that overload lead to pathological changes in the spine, sight problems, respiratory disorders, neuralgia and migraines.

We know how to prevent it!

The anatomical structure of the spine, scientific analysis of load and the need for mental and physical comfort were the basis for the construction of a chair that would allow the so called  biodynamic sitting. The process consists in protecting the biological predispositions of the human body to move in all three spatial dimensions.

Biodynamic seat = unlimited freedom of movement

In a static office chair, pressure is exerted on the spine along one axis only which means the load is distributed over only 1/3 of the surface of intervertebral disks, causing protrusion of the disk and compression of the spinal cord or spinal nerves.

STATIC SITTINGDistribution of pressure over 1/3 of the total intervertebral disk area leads to spinal injury

There may be a wide range of symptoms: backache, headache, sciatic neuralgia, cardiovascular disorders and many more. Static sitting leads to the compression of blood vessels. Tissue malnutrition and poor blood flow lead to varicose veins in the lower extremities. Lack of movement, minimum physical activity and compression over the diaphragm cause shallow and difficult breathing. This makes us tired and sluggish.

That is why an office chair equipped with the VMS Orthopedic system was invented. The system allows omni-directional movement of the seat and “forces” the body to move systematically. Due to the moving seat, pressure is distributed on half of the total area of the intervertebral disks. The disks remain unaltered and nervous and energy impulses travel freely through the body, reducing complaints associated with the negative effects of office work. And even more: the variable load on the whole area of an intervertebral disk allows energy refill, which makes an employee more active and productive.

Biodynamic sitting. Distribution of pressure over half of the intervertebral disk area guarantees the proper functioning of the spine.


VMS Orthopedic system armchairs provide:

  • appropriate amount of motor activity
  • activation of the muscular system
  • guarantee the correct body position whilst sitting

This means deeper respiration, stimulated circulation, good oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore:

  • we have a higher energy level
  • our positive attitude increases
  • our productivity is elevated.

VMS Orthopedic system armchairs have been tested by:

Orthopaedic Department of the University of Regensburg, Germany
Preventive Medicine Centre in Bad Kissingen, Germany
Alfred Buttner, MD, PhD, Head of Internal Medicine and Roentgenology, Marktredwitz, Germany
Bernard Reinhard, MD, PhD, orthopaedist, specialist in sport medicine, Bad Aibling, Germany
Prof. Theodor Peters, MD, PhD, specialist in occupational medicine and social medicine, Düsseldorf, Germany

Models with VMS Orthopedic mission

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