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Orgatec 2018


Relation from the fair in Cologne.

The atmosphere of the city park, the acoustic solutions and a biodynamic sitting – that is what we presented at the Orgatec 2018 trade fair in Cologne.

The Orgatec trade fair focuses, as in the lens, the latest trends in the office design. This edition was guided by the theme “culture@work”, that was paying attention not only to a functionality of a good organisation, but also to a large extent to the work comfort and its social aspect. We also showed many interesting solutions, which motivate to work, foster a cooperation and creative thinking, as well as ensure the best conditions to develop the visionary ideas.

During this year’s Orgatec trade fair we presented the Green Park Office, concept that results from our 30-year experience in ergonomics, acoustics and Biophilic Design. We combined these three domains while creating an office friendly to the people, which helps maintain and strengthen the relations between the employees and facilitates a team work.  
With regard to the Biophilic Design, that is a popular philosophy, which focuses on a life in a harmony with the nature, we presented a few new models, inter alia, the suspended seats that enable to swing - the Social Swing in a version dedicated to two persons and the Treehouse featuring a multimedia wall. Whereas the already known Oxxo and U_Floe collections were extended by the new solutions: the Oxxo rocking armchair and the U_Floe acoustic wall panels featuring two different shapes.
         A premiere at the Orgatec 2018 had also the SARR Modules. The module racks filled with the plant pots with flowers, the decorative wooden cubes and the acoustic panels enable to introduce the elements and colours of the nature. Due to their modularity they enable to develop any form and apart from their utility function they can fulfil a role of the geometric and green decoration, too.
Ergonomics of the workplaces have always been a priority for us while designing the office chairs and armchairs. On the basis of the long-term experience and the tests in respect of the active seat, we introduced to our offer a new patented solution – the Support Base Flexi system. The SBF is a base of the swivel armchair, which due to a specially designed ring allows for moving in all three spatial dimensions, that is a so-called dynamic sitting. Each swivel armchair can be equipped with this SBF basis what improves ergonomics of the workplace.
         We did not forget about ergonomics either in the subsequent collection presented during the Orgatec trade fair - Lumi, where besides a designer cube form, we also took care of a perfect profile of the backrest, which gives the awesome feeling of comfort already from the very first moment.

Acoustics constitutes an important aspect of the office space and the next theme raised by us during the Orgatec 2018. The collections and solutions presented during the fair enable to create the functional space and ensure good interior acoustics.
         A novelty, presented for the first time during this year’s trade fair, was the Leaf Pod collection designed by the recognised designer Dymitr Malcew. A primary assumption of this collection is to separate the private space due to using the partition walls, which become a basis for developing the workplaces and the leisure areas. Its high acoustic properties guaranteed by the extensive planes of the partition walls and a proper selection of the upholstery materials constitute an unquestionable asset of this collection. The collection aroused great interest among the visitors, gaining many positive feedbacks.
         Among the exceptional products, presented at this year’s Orgatec fair, can be also found the Acoustic Peak sound absorbers, which significantly facilitate work in the open space offices. Thanks to their special design they perfectly absorb sound, while sound-proofing the space around, and complemented by the desktops and media ports, create a perfect place to organise the quick meetings or the short briefings. The Acoustic Peak will also work during the large events while silencing the space and fulfilling a role of the catering tables.

The Orgatec trade fair inspire and motivate Us to act. It is just there where we present Our concepts and effects of the monthlong work. It is the place where we meet with our customers, architects, business partners and where we share our knowledge and experiences. These are the places that are of importance for Us and we thank Yu to be with Us. Thank You for visiting Us.
 See You in two years …

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