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Product description

 Mate was designed to create a friendly and ergonomic work environment. Mate is a simple in shape, functional and comfortable armchair at a good price. The characteristic joint at the back of the armchair gently joins the backrest and the seat. The wide range of colours of upholsteries and high functionality make MATE a perfect friend at work. Mate is available in two models: for managers with MT103 headrest and for staff without MT102 headrest. This collection is supplemented by conference chairs based on a four-leg MT 220 construction and a springy MT 230 construction.   

Purchase price and terms require an individual quotation.

Technical data


The seat is upholstered with fabric or leather, made of plywood and foam with a rounded and declining front of the seat which considerably affects its ergonomics. Adjustable depth of the seat. 

Available adjustments

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Backrest height adjustment
  • Backrest deflection angle adjustment
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Backrest tension adjustment


The backrest is upholstered with fabric or leather, based on a profiled wooden form with cut foam, the shape of which guarantees a firm and ergonomic support for the spine. The standard option includes an adjustable backrest height mechanism. Optionally, the backrest may be equipped with an adjustable loin support mechanism.  

New possibility! 3D stitches
horizontal stitches on the backrest/ seat, side and headrest always smooth


Armrest adjusted up and down (range: 80mm) with a soft cover plus:
  • P48B - nylon black/thermo polyurethane armpad (TPU) fully recycling
  • P48A - power painted ALU/thermo polyurethane armpad (TPU) fully recycling
  • P48C - polished aluminium (chrome effect)/ thermo polyurethane armpad (TPU) fully recycling
  • P49B - nylon black/ polyurethane armpad (PU) front-back regulation (range 60 mm)
  • P49A - power painted ALU/ polyurethane armpad (PU) front-back regulation (range 60 mm)
  • P49C - polished aluminium (chrome effect)/ polyurethane armpad (PU) front-back regulation (range 60 mm)
  • P52B - nylon black/ armpad PU adjustment width (range 30m) and front-back (range 50mm)


  • M - synchro mechanism with the backrest fixed in 4 positions (range of the adjustable recline angle: backseat: 22°, seat: 13°)
  • M+X - synchro mechanism with the backrest fixed in 4 positions (range of the adjustable recline angle: backseat: 22°, seat: 13°), along with an adjustable seat depth
  • SW - synchro and self-weighing – the spring force automatically adapts to the weight of the sitting person, range of adjustable recline angle (backrest: 20°, seat: 6°), along with an adjustable seat depth (range: 60 mm)


17 - black plastic cross base (nylon) Ø700 + ring standard black + castors DEMA
22 - polished aluminum cross base (chrom effect) Ø690 + castors DEMA
23 - powder painted aluminum cros base painted on ALU Ø690 + castors DEMA


  • DEM - hard castors for soft floors Ø65
  • DEMA - hard castors for soft floors Ø65 with brake
  • DEMD - soft castors for hard floors Ø65
  • DEMAD - soft castors for hard floors Ø65 with brake
  • DEMAD-C - universal castors, chrom

Colour fan-deck

I Price Group


polyester 100%, weight 250 g/m2 +/-5%, abrasion 100 000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2), resistance to pilling 5 (EN ISO 12945-2), light fastness 6 (EN ISO 105-B02), non-flammability certificate (BS EN 1021-1) (BS EN 1021-2), CRIB 5, BS 7176 Medium Hazard, 1IM(UNI 9175)


polyester 100%, weight 366 g/m2 +/-15g, abrasion 160 000 Martindale cycles (PN-EN ISO 12947-2:2000), resistance to pilling 4-5 (PN-EN ISO 12945-2:2002),light fastness 3-4 (PN-EN ISO 105 - B02:2013), non flammability certificate (BN EN 1021-1:2007) (BS EN 1021-2:2007)


surface 100% PU,basic material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton, weight 435 g/m2 +/-5%, abrasion >100 000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 5470-2 method 1), light fastness >5(EN ISO 105 B 02), resistance to pilling 4-5 (EN ISO 105-X12), non- flammability certificat (BS 5852/DIN EN 1021-1)

*Delivery term for orders for Studio Design fabrics is up to 4 weeks.

II Price Group


polyester 100%,weight 365 g/m2, abrasion 130 000 cycles Martindale , resistance to pilling 4-5 (EN ISO 12945-2), light fastness >5 (EN ISO 105-B02), non-flammbility certificate (BS EN 1021-1, BS EN 1021-2, BS 5852(part 10,1), Q1 UK, UNI 9175 Class 1 IEMME)


polyester 100%- TREVIRA CS,weight 260g/m2 +/-5%, abrasion 80 000 Martindale cycles, resistance to 5 (EN ISO 12945), light fastness 6 (EN ISO 105-B02), non-flammbility certificate (EN 1021-1, EN 1021-2; Crib 5; BS 7176 Medium Hazard; C1, M1, B1, IMO A 652(16), IMO A 471(XII)


surface 100% winyl,basic material - 100% poliester,weight 650g/m2, abrasion 300 000 Martindale cycles (UNE EN 14465:2004), non-flammbility certificate (EN 1021-1; EN 1021-2; BS EN 1021-1/2; DIN EN 1021-1/2; IMO A 652(16) 8.2-8.3; FAR 25.853 b(4) AP.F Part 1(a)(1)(ii)), light fastness > 5 EN ISO 105-B02 antimicrobial protection, antibacterial protection, antimycotic protection, abrasion resistance, resistance to dirt(blood, urine)


Composition: Polyester 100%, Weight: 320g/m2 ±5%, Abrasion Resistance 100 000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947:1998), Fastness to Rubbing 4 (ISO 105-X12:2002), Light Fastness 5 (EN ISO 105-B02:2014), Flammability (BS EN 1021-1 / BS EN 1021-2 / BS7176:2007 Low Hazard)


100% polyester-TREVIRA CS weight 250g/m2 +/-5%, abrasion 70 000 Martindale cycles (UNI EN ISO 12947/2), resistance to pilling 5 (EN ISO 12945/2), light fastness 6 (EN ISO 105-B02),fastness to rubbing wet:4 (UNI EN ISO 105-X12) dry:5 (UNI EN ISO 105-X12), non-flammbility certificate: EN 1021-1:2006 EN 1021-2:2006 BS 7176:2007 (Medium Hazard); BS 5852:2006 (Crib 5); NFP 92-501-1 (M1), DIN 4102-1 (B1), IMO Res. A 652 (16) Part 8 UNI 9174-UNI 8456 (C1), AM 18(NF D 60013) UNI 9175 Class 1 IM


Composition: 100% Polyester Weight: 290 g/m2 Roll width: 140cm Abrasion Resistance 90,000 Martindale cycles (BS EN ISO 12947-2:1998) Pilling: 4 (EN ISO 12 945-2) Light Fastness 5 (ISO 105-B02) Fastness to Rubbing Wet: 4-5 (UNI EN ISO 105-X12) Dry: 4-5 (UNI EN ISO 105-X12) Flammability: -DIN EN 1021-1 *Charles fabric, due to its structure (long hair), can be arranged in a velour way while being used, creating the impression of different shades of upholstery. It is also susceptible to bending while sitting, which is why it should be combed very gently.

*Delivery term for orders for Studio Design fabrics is up to 4 weeks.

III Price Group


wool 100%, weight 370 g/m2 ± 5%, abrasion 60 000 Martindale cycles (B5 5690), resistance to pilling > 4, (BS:EN ISO 12945-2:2000), light fastness 5 (ISO 105 - B02:2013), non-flammability certificate (BS EN 1021-1; BS EN 1021-2; BS7176:2007 Low Hazard) Fabric available until 31.12.2018


virgin wool 100%, Weight 460g/m2 +/-5%, abrasion resistance 50 000 Martindale cycles, fastness to pilling 4 (BS:EN ISO 12945-2:2000), ligh fastness 5 (ISO 105-B02:1999); non-flammability certificate: BS EN 1021-1:2006, BS EN 1021-2:2006, BS7176:2007 Low Hazard Fabrics CUZ14, CUZ32, CUZ27 only available till the end of the year


surface-100% Vinyl, basic material - 100% Polyester Hi-Loft2, weight 685g/m2, abrasion 300 000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947:1999 Part 2), light fastness >7, non-flammability certificate (BS EN 1021-1/2, EN 1021/2, EN 71-2, IMO A 652(16)8.2-8.3, FMVSS302)


93% wool, 7% polyamide weight: 328 g/m2 abrasion: 200000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2) resistance to piling 4-5 (EN ISO 12945-2) light fastness 5-7 (EN ISO 105-B02) rubbing fastness 4-5 (EN ISO 105x12 (wet/dry) non-flammability: EN 1021-1,2; BS 5852 0&1; Calif. Bull.117-E class 1; IMO MS c307(88)Annex 1 part 8; MED certificate IMO


95% wool, 5% polyamide weight: 450 g/m2 abrasion: 200 000 Martindale cycles (EN ISO 12947-2) resistance to piling: 4 (EN ISO 12945-2) light fastness: 5-7 (EN ISO 105-B02) rubbing fastness: 4-5 (EN ISO 105x12 (wet/dry)) non-flammability certyficate: EN 1021-1&2; BS 5852:2006 (Crib 5); BS 5852 0&1; UNI 9175 class 1 IM; Calif.Bull.117-E class 1 cleaning: dry cleaning

*Delivery term for orders for Studio Design fabrics is up to 4 weeks.

IV Price Group


Composition: 90% wool, 10% nylon Weight: ok 300 g/m2 Abrasion Resistance: 100 000 Martindale cycles, Pilling: 3-4 (EN ISO 12945-2:2000) Light Fastness: 5-7 (ISO 105-B02:2000) Flammability: EN 1021 - 1/2 BS 5852 Part 1 Onorm B1/Q1 UNI 9175 IMO A.652(16) Crib 5 and B2 Producer: kvadrat Denmark


size Ca.5m2, thickness >0,8mm-1,1mm, wet rub tests>250 (BS EN ISO 11640: 1998) dry rub tests >500 (EN ISO 11640:1998) flex resistance > 50 000 cycles (BS EN ISO 5402:2002), PCP und CFC used during tanning proces, natural colour varations may occur, non-flammability certyficate (UNI EN 1021-1:2006, UNI EN 1021-2:2006)

*Delivery term for orders for Studio Design fabrics is up to 4 weeks.


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