CO 103

CO 103


Recognised by experts

A strong personality, elegance and perfection. These features were distinguished by experts in the design contests like Labels Via 2011 and Label de l'aureur du design and make the Ceo armchair became a sign of success.


Elegant line

The Ceo is a prestigious managerial armchair ensuring ergonomic, dynamic sitting. An elegant line and high-quality materials give this model a unique character that will be appreciated even those that are the most demanding


CO 103

CO 103

Technical data:


Dimensions are approximate and may vary depending on the selected product configuration. The requirements of the standard are always met.

Technical drawings Code name  
seat height: overall dimensions A  
seat height: measured according to the norm PN EN 1335 - 1 B  
chair height adjustment  C  
backrest height adjustment D  
headrest height adjustment E  
dimensional width chair / ⌀ base  F  
seat width G  
backrest width H  
width between armrests I  
armrest height adjustment K  
backrest lenght L  
dimensional chair depth M  
seat depth adjustment / seat lenght N  

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