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Introduce an atmosphere of summer

The Beachhouse, based on the philosophy of the biophilic design, thanks to the shape of the known to everyone beach baskets, introduces a positive atmosphere of summer to the interior. Dividing a shared built-in place allows the interlocutors to be in direct contact while at the same time ensuring soothing silence.

Break the ice in your team

By providing a common place to sit, the Beachhouse makes it easier to "break the ice" and allows you to set a consistent course of action. It is just in it, where every idea will be presented freely and specifically, and problem solving will be more enjoyable.

Dimensions are approximate and may vary depending on the selected product configuration. The requirements of the standard are always met.

Technical drawings Code name  
seat height: overall dimensions A  
seat height B  
chair height: overall dimensions C  
backrest height D  
chair width: overall dimensions F  
seat width G  
backrest width H  
height from the floor to the armrest K  
chair depth: overall dimensions M  
seat depth / seat lenght N