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Dynamic line

A dynamic, but straight line of the Milla armchair makes it suitable for even the most demanding interiors. The Milla will not only make you feel good after a long day of work, but thanks to it your office will have a unique character.

Flexible backrest

A minimalistic backrest made of the flexible membrane has a lumbar support adjustment, and therefore ensures the unprecedented comfort of the usage, without having to compromise a good design.

Dimensions are approximate and may vary depending on the selected product configuration. The requirements of the standard are always met.

Technical drawings Code name  
seat height: overall dimensions A  
seat height: measured according to the norm PN EN 1335 - 1 B  
chair height adjustment  C  
backrest height adjustment D  
headrest height adjustment E  
dimensional width chair / ⌀ base  F  
seat width G  
backrest width H  
width between armrests I  
armrest height adjustment K  
backrest lenght L  
dimensional chair depth M  
seat depth adjustment / seat lenght N