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Environmentally friendly materials

Out of concern for the environment, we check the origin of raw materials used for production and require appropriate certificates from our suppliers.

Most of our wood component suppliers are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which ensures that the wood we use comes from forests managed with respect for people, wildlife and the environment.

Upholstery fabrics meet quality and environmental standards confirmed by EU Ecolabel, Oeko-tex certificates. In 2020, we introduced Oceanic fabric consisting of 100% polyester recycled from plastic bottles and plastic bags, of which 50% is from is created by reusing plastic waste floating in the oceans.

Upholstery foams are marked with the Oeko-tex certificate, which confirms that they meet the humano-ecological STANDARD 100 requirements.

We limit the amount of foil and do not use polystyrene fillers. We use recyclable or reusable cardboard packaging. The cardboard packaging of Treehouse acoustic booths can easily be converted into small playhouses for children. 

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