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Recovery of generated heat
Through a central system of heat exchangers and heat pumps, we use the process heat to heat the production and storage halls and to heat up domestic water.

Reducing excess production
We produce furniture according to the PULL system, i.e. only to customer order, thus reducing excess production and storage space.

Reduce foam waste
By using a polyurethane foam production line with MDI (low-emission) technology, we have reduced foam waste to 3%, reduced transportation, and improved the ergonomics of shapes.

Lasers for metalworking
For the production of metal elements we use lasers in fiber technology (in an inert gas - nitrogen), which increases the energy efficiency of the production process up to 30 times.

Energetic independence
We have two photovoltaic installations of 2x 50 kWp. We are preparing for new 150 kWp installations that will increase our energy independence. 

LED lighting
Fluorescent lights were replaced throughout the company with energy-efficient LED lighting.

CNC machines
We purchased CNC machines, which thanks to innovative technological solutions have increased work efficiency, as well as save energy and significantly reduce production waste.

Modern powder paint shop
We have paint recovery booths, thanks to which we have completely eliminated paint waste after powder painting.

Automatic cutters
Automatic cutters save fabrics, increase efficiency in production of ready cutters and thus reduce energy costs of the whole process and at the same time reduce maximally amount of post-production waste.

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