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Flos - Biophilia Enclosed in Ergonomics



Form and ergonomics are the criteria that have guided the design process of Flos furniture from the outset. Combining these two concepts, while reducing the use of material, gave rise to our latest collection. It contains diverse yet coherent components linked through a distinctive wavy line based on floral motifs.


The role of offices in the post-covid reality has diametrically changed. ffice space is no longer a place where you simply spend eight hours of work at a desk. It has become a platform that fosters relationship building, closer social ties and comfortable teamwork. It enables meetings, provides focus and concentration, offers tranquillity and supports effective relaxation. The Flos collection was created as a response to changes in the working environment.



Flos by Bejot / Tomasz Augustyniak


In Praise of Nature

It is not by accident that the name refers to biophilia – flos is Latin for flower. The organic shape of the design is reminiscent of flowing curves found in nature, enabling an atmosphere that fosters good interpersonal relationships. The collection's aesthetic appeal is reinforced by its fluid lines which lend lightness, a touch of classic flair and the subtlety welcome in the homely work spaces for relaxation and tranquillity.

Flos provides a wide range of products that will work perfectly in both office interiors and home offices. The collection includes:




Balancing Design, Comfort and Functionality

In his search for form, designer Tomasz Augustyniak focused on the fluid line of the shapes that embodies the elements that are essential for the collection, expressing peace, balance and harmony. Flos furniture and multifunctional acoustic screens have been created to make work and leisure spaces homely while achieving maximum comfort and convenience.

Conference chairs offer a diverse range of uses thanks to a wide range of bases: metal, wooden or castor-based ones. Many different configurations are possible with a single piece of furniture, making Flos ideal for individual arrangements. Two equally comfortable types of seats – with or without armrests – are the answer to the sophisticated needs of today's working environment, such as caring for the well-being and comfort of employees. Complementing the soft form of a tub with a base on castors, Flos chairs are perfect for both office interiors and home offices.

A wealth of design possibilities is also available with other seats from the Flos collection. Lounge chairs are furniture that appeals to the senses. The armrests and backrest wrap around the soft seat, forming a contoured tub for good body support and spinal relief. Nowadays, bar chairs are also increasingly used in design. They can be found in office and restaurant interiors, as well as in homes. When it comes to spaces geared towards integration, Flos benches are an excellent solution for creating a less formal atmosphere. The light form of the furniture and a touch of classic style lend it an air of refinement, especially welcome in spaces for relaxation and rest.



Flos by Bejot / Tomasz Augustyniak


A Zone of Acoustic Comfort

Not only seats but also multifunctional acoustic screens from the Flos range have been designed with the idea of making work and leisure spaces more homely. The free-standing acoustic walls have three functions: practical (space separation), acoustic and aesthetic. The harmonious line of the form, which corresponds to the other elements of the collection, makes it possible to combine them into coherent compositions, creating an intimate space.

What I was interested in was enhancing the functionality of acoustic screens so that both individual elements and those put together could perform additional functions," explains designer Tomasz Augustyniak. A previously unheard-of option next to the screens are tables available in two heights, thanks to which you gain a comfortable place for short, informal meetings. What is more, the option to equip the screens with castors increases their mobility and allows new arrangements to be made quickly and easily. Special connecting elements designed for screens on feet make it possible to connect two screens in a straight line and at angles of 90° and 135°.

Wall and ceiling panels also provide an additional acoustic surface. With their modern yet simple form, they bring order and harmony to the interior. "In the end, the fluid contour line of the furniture has been inscribed into one of the sides of the acoustic screens, creating coherent functional arrangements," Tomasz Augustyniak concludes. An elegant armchair, a comfortable tub chair, a comfortable barstool, a sleek, minimalist sofa and a wide range of acoustic elements offer many possibilities for an interesting interior layout. Each piece of Flos furniture corresponds aesthetically to the entire collection which not only meets the assumptions of office ergonomics and functionality but also domestic warmth and cosiness.



Flos by Bejot / Tomasz Augustyniak