Last Saturday, Bejot employees and their families actively spent time at a picnic at the Serdeczna Osada Centre near Śrem. Plenty of attractions awaited the participants involving both children and adults. Traditionally, an 'Office vs Production' football match was played. The team of production employees defeated the office team by a score of 3:1. The rematch will certainly take place at the next picnic! Most attractions were waiting for the children. The youngest could swim in the pool, jump on the inflatable or get a tattoo. Soap bubbles, meanwhile, cheered up even the saddest of sorrows. The most delicious attraction was undoubtedly the pizza baked according to an original Italian recipe from a traditional wood-fired oven.  The picnic, as every year, was a great opportunity to have fun, relax and integrate employees and their families. Thank you very much for being with us and we already invite you to the next edition!     
    We already know the results of the Must Have plebiscite at the Łódź Design Festival. The organizers emphasize cooperation between designer and manufacturer and reward those products that meet the needs of modern consumers, such as health, well-being and concern for the environment. This is a free certificate of quality, used in the domestic and international market. It is also a special distinction and one of the more recognizable designations in the Polish design world.   Another Must Have for Bejot This year's plebiscite selected 81 products, including furniture, accessories, audiophile equipment, publications and applications. We congratulate all the awardees and are pleased that Bejot was among the group.  This is another Must Have awarded to us by Lodz Design Festival. In 2022 we received a statuette for the Gummy Bear collection of outdoor armchairs designed by Jan Kochanski. This time Must Have was awarded to the Flos collection by Tomasz Augustyniak. He is a well-known industrial design designer and interior architect, a graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design and Industrial Design at the University of Arts in Poznań. Author of many collections of office and home furniture for major Polish brands. Winner of numerous design awards.      Flos collection with Must Have certificate The appreciation of the Flos collection in the Must Have plebiscite is a reflection of the popularity of this line. It is increasingly popular with our customers at home and abroad.   Flos was inspired by the combination of organic shape and elements expressing peace and harmony. The name of the collection refers to biophilia not without reason - flos is Latin for flower. The organic shape of the solids recalls the streamlined shapes found in nature, which enables the creation of an atmosphere conducive to building good human relationships. The aesthetic qualities of the collection are emphasized by the flowing line, which gives lightness, a touch of classic character, as well as subtlety welcome in domesticated work spaces for relaxation and tranquility. In the author's words: "The starting point was two interdependent directions of development: form and ergonomics. The first is the search for a flowing shape line connecting all elements of the collection, expressing tranquility, balance and harmony. The second seeks to achieve maximum comfort in furniture, while limiting the use of material."      
    This season is full of trends that highlight a deep connection with nature. There is a strong focus on natural materials, emphasizing closeness to nature and ecological lifestyles. This, in turn, influences colour trends. Warm and harmonic colours not only relate directly to the eco trend, but create unique atmosphere of calmness at the same time.   What are the trends in 2024? Architects and interior designers are not only reaching for colours of earth: warm browns or beiges and delicate shades of green. They also use soft pastels for several seasons in their projects. Pastels are the safest to mix with others tones in interior design.  They  make perfect combinations with all neutral colours, such as black, white, beige or grey. We can freely combine them with wood and metal.   collections: flos, saar, spin   Why use pastel colours in interior designing? First of all pastel colours creates smooth and welcoming atmosphere in any interior . Soft tones brings harmony, relax and balance in to the workspace. Therefore, pastels will work well in places where an atmosphere for relaxation is very important. Soft colours suggest sophisticated character of the project. Secondly, light pastel palette optically enlarge the interior, making it seem more spacious and transparent. This is a perfect solution for smaller spaces, where every centimetre plays an important role. Finally, they are extremely universal, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also functionality. Their universal nature allows them to be easily used in both traditional and modern interior designs. collection: epocc lounge   Fabrics we recommend. There are many fabrics that emphasize closeness to nature in our offer. Strating with earth tones to delicate and soft pastel colours. Our customers often reach for natural fabrics, such as Synergy or Blazer. Those two lines are based on natural Lana Virgin wool and offers not only classic colours, but also a range of soft pastels.  Ally is new in our offer. It’s a melange fabric in warm earth tones and pastel greens. We recommend it especially for soft seating Fabrics we also recommend are Cura and Oceanic. Cura is manufactured from used plastic bottles. Has the GRS certificate specifying the requirements for recycled fiber and EU eco-label and the Oeko_Tex quality certificate proving that the product is harmless to humans. Cura also meets the requirements of Möbelfakta - the Swedish furniture classification system. Cura fabric can be used in most Bejot products and it works well with Flos or Epocc Lounge collections. Oceanic, consists of 100% polyester recycled plastic from bottles and plastic bags, with 50% of it made from Seaqual, a new innovative yarn. It is made from reused plastic waste floating in the oceans. It’s a next step in improving the well-being of our ecosystem. The fabric is used in most Bejot products – soft seating, acoustic furniture and swivel chairs.      
      Spring with Bejot! Bejot Magazine 1/2024   It's here! The latest issue of Bejot Magazine welcomes spring with a huge dose of useful knowledge, inspiring ideas and important information. Discover the fascinating world of design with us and learn about the trends that will define the future of interior design. Let's take a look inside: Be-Max – the largest Bejot furniture showroom in Europe. Discover an impressive space where you can discover all our collections and solutions. Belt swivel chair – discover the chair that will provide you with comfort and ergonomics at work. Ergodynamics – find out how ergonomics affects comfort and health and learn about trends in furniture design.  Rhythm – see that mesh can be used not only on the backrest! Sustainability of Bejot – find out how we care for the natural environment and produce furniture responsibly. Pastels – colors that speak quietly. Get inspired by delicate colors that will be perfect for spring arrangements.   Enjoy your reading!          
    Catalogs for our latest collections are now available online. You will find there, among others: inspiring arrangements, available configurations and technical specifications. Download links are below.        flos chairs The Flos collection is, above all, extremely comfortable seats with a wide range of bases: metal, wooden, on wheels, low, high and benches. Perfect for both office and home workplaces.       flos acoustics Flos acoustic panels and screens fulfill three important functions: soundproofing, space dividing and aesthetic. All Flos furniture is connected by a smooth line of shape expressing peace and harmony.       fora A lounge system of soft sofas enriched with additional elements such as acoustic walls, tables and a chaise longue. The minimalist base frame is an intriguing contrast to the soft and spacious seats, backrests and pillows.       epocc & epocc lounge Both the conference chairs and the new lounge armchairs refer to the style of the 1950s. Solid metal structures and comfortable, upholstered seats with rounded edges made it possible to create modern furniture with a retro accent.   These and other catalogs can also be found on our website: downloads > catalogs > catalogs by collection
    We are delighted to announce that our Dutch distributor, Be-Max Office Concepts, has opened a Biophilic Design showroom filled with Bejot furniture. The showroom is located in Eindhoven, in the new architectural DONNA building, at the heart of the Philips industrial zone, which is now a vibrant showcase of the city. The Netherlands joins France and Germany as another Western country where you can thoroughly explore a wide range of our furniture. The DONNA building is accessible to external guests, inviting them to use the available spaces. In addition to the Be-Max showroom, there are co-working spaces, on two floors there is an oasis as a canteen, conference rooms, office spaces for other companies and apartments. All floors, including the Be-Max showroom, were designed by the same architectural studio, subtly referencing the distinctive features of Eindhoven's architecture and significant places for the city. Employees and guests can relax on Fora sofas by the fireplace, sit on Woodbe wooden chairs surrounded by plants and flowers, or enjoy coffee on Epocc bar chairs. The space also features the most characteristic acoustic furniture from Bejot: the Treehouse booth, Leaf_pod sofa sets, and the well-known Social swing. Biophilia, a central inspiration for Be-Max, is reflected in the arrangement of space and the materials used. The rooms are bright and spacious, dominated by natural colors such as shades of beige and green. An interesting detail is the use of a real fountain as a nod to the earthly elements. The grand opening of the showroom took place during the celebration of Be-Max's 20th anniversary. Over 140 guests enthusiastically embraced the new space and the presented furniture, as well as various attractions, such as a caricaturist and a Formula 1 simulator. The evening concluded with a spectacular musical performance, symbolizing a new chapter for Be-Max and Bejot in the Netherlands. The new showroom in Eindhoven is not just a place to showcase office furniture but also an oasis of inspiration for interior designers. We warmly invite you to explore this unique space where design, nature, and functionality come together harmoniously. Contact details can be found on the new page: menu > about us > showrooms.    
    The annual meeting for Bejot employees was held last Friday. During the presentation, we summarized the introduced products, key investments and interesting events of 2023. We celebrated together a successful year of sales and employee growth. Thank you all for your commitment and cooperation!    
      Belt The New Office Chair   The Belt collection by Wojtek Wołczyk combines three elements that define Bejot's philosophy: technology, design, and functionality. What distinguishes Belt from other office chairs?     Modern design without compromise The smooth transition from an organic shape to a dynamic form line is the essence of of Belt's refined style.     Ecological solutions All plastic components of the black model are made from 70% recycled plastic and 30% glass fiber, ensuring durability and a long lifespan.     Pneumatic pad in the seat Not only does it enable dynamic sitting, but it also helps maintain proper spinal posture.     Design meets functionality Two types of backrest are available - a flexible, breathable mesh or high-quality fabric, optionally with an adjustable headrest.     New adjustments and mechanisms Belt is more than just an ergonomic office chair. We have incorporated a new mechanism and additional adjustments that contribute to superior sitting comfort.    Discover an office chair tailored to the needs of your office.    
      Now available!  Bejot Magazine 3/2023   The theme of the autumn edition is acoustics. Let's take a look inside: Bolt – a modern Estonian realisation in luscious colours. What silence sounds like, good interior acoustics essential for office spaces. Acoustician Marcin Latta on the most effective solutions for offices. New acoustic booths in our offer. Hush - the perfect fleece for sound absorbing panels and screens. Enjoy your reading!          
      It's here - the latest summer edition of  Bejot Magazine 2/2023   You will find a bit of inspiration in it, get to know our latest products, and learn more about Bejot furniture. A few words from Kasper Mose - the designer of the incredibly comfortable Fora sofa. Green Park Office 2.0 – a combination of ecological initiatives, biophilic design, and office ergonomics. Ally and Alpa - two new fabrics designed for soft seating furniture. Epocc lounge collection - about drawing inspiration from design trends of the past years. New RAL metal colors - vibrant, matte shades in action.        
    Form and ergonomics are the criteria that have guided the design process of Flos furniture from the outset. Combining these two concepts, while reducing the use of material, gave rise to our latest collection. It contains diverse yet coherent components linked through a distinctive wavy line based on floral motifs.   The role of offices in the post-covid reality has diametrically changed. ffice space is no longer a place where you simply spend eight hours of work at a desk. It has become a platform that fosters relationship building, closer social ties and comfortable teamwork. It enables meetings, provides focus and concentration, offers tranquillity and supports effective relaxation. The Flos collection was created as a response to changes in the working environment.       In Praise of Nature It is not by accident that the name refers to biophilia – flos is Latin for flower. The organic shape of the design is reminiscent of flowing curves found in nature, enabling an atmosphere that fosters good interpersonal relationships. The collection's aesthetic appeal is reinforced by its fluid lines which lend lightness, a touch of classic flair and the subtlety welcome in the homely work spaces for relaxation and tranquillity. Flos provides a wide range of products that will work perfectly in both office interiors and home offices. The collection includes: conference chairs, lounge armchairs, bar chairs, benches, mobile screens, wall panels, ceiling panels.     Your browser does not support HTML5 video.   Balancing Design, Comfort and Functionality In his search for form, designer Tomasz Augustyniak focused on the fluid line of the shapes that embodies the elements that are essential for the collection, expressing peace, balance and harmony. Flos furniture and multifunctional acoustic screens have been created to make work and leisure spaces homely while achieving maximum comfort and convenience. Conference chairs offer a diverse range of uses thanks to a wide range of bases: metal, wooden or castor-based ones. Many different configurations are possible with a single piece of furniture, making Flos ideal for individual arrangements. Two equally comfortable types of seats – with or without armrests – are the answer to the sophisticated needs of today's working environment, such as caring for the well-being and comfort of employees. Complementing the soft form of a tub with a base on castors, Flos chairs are perfect for both office interiors and home offices. A wealth of design possibilities is also available with other seats from the Flos collection. Lounge chairs are furniture that appeals to the senses. The armrests and backrest wrap around the soft seat, forming a contoured tub for good body support and spinal relief. Nowadays, bar chairs are also increasingly used in design. They can be found in office and restaurant interiors, as well as in homes. When it comes to spaces geared towards integration, Flos benches are an excellent solution for creating a less formal atmosphere. The light form of the furniture and a touch of classic style lend it an air of refinement, especially welcome in spaces for relaxation and rest.       A Zone of Acoustic Comfort Not only seats but also multifunctional acoustic screens from the Flos range have been designed with the idea of making work and leisure spaces more homely. The free-standing acoustic walls have three functions: practical (space separation), acoustic and aesthetic. The harmonious line of the form, which corresponds to the other elements of the collection, makes it possible to combine them into coherent compositions, creating an intimate space. What I was interested in was enhancing the functionality of acoustic screens so that both individual elements and those put together could perform additional functions," explains designer Tomasz Augustyniak. A previously unheard-of option next to the screens are tables available in two heights, thanks to which you gain a comfortable place for short, informal meetings. What is more, the option to equip the screens with castors increases their mobility and allows new arrangements to be made quickly and easily. Special connecting elements designed for screens on feet make it possible to connect two screens in a straight line and at angles of 90° and 135°. Wall and ceiling panels also provide an additional acoustic surface. With their modern yet simple form, they bring order and harmony to the interior. "In the end, the fluid contour line of the furniture has been inscribed into one of the sides of the acoustic screens, creating coherent functional arrangements," Tomasz Augustyniak concludes. An elegant armchair, a comfortable tub chair, a comfortable barstool, a sleek, minimalist sofa and a wide range of acoustic elements offer many possibilities for an interesting interior layout. Each piece of Flos furniture corresponds aesthetically to the entire collection which not only meets the assumptions of office ergonomics and functionality but also domestic warmth and cosiness.      
    The style of Kasper Mose – author of the timeless Plint furniture and the latest Fora collection – is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. It stands out for its simplicity, functionality and minimalism. It successfully combines organic lines and soft, voluminous solids.   The first idea about the Fora collection was to make a low, comfortable lounge modular system which appeals to informal meetings, explains the designer. Hence the name: Fora is the Latin version of the word forum, which means a place to gather, a place for dialog and interaction, often in a public space. Kasper Mose is a Danish-born architect, furniture and interior designer specialising in spatial planning. He graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2008 at the Institute of Design. He gained experience at top Danish design studios: Arkitema and Friis & Moltke Architects. In 2020, he opened his own design studio, where he seeks simplicity and a holistic approach to architecture and furniture design.       The praise of simplicity The minimalist aesthetic of the Fora collection is the quintessence of soft lines and carefully finished surfaces, with every detail taken care of. The modular sofa is simple, versatile and cosy. The thick, soft and deep seat guarantees comfort – the sofa conforms to the human body for maximum comfort. What catches the eye is the organic shape of the sofa back, which combines contemporary living and Scandinavian simplicity. By adding soft decorative cushions to it, we can create a homely atmosphere in any office and ensure a cosy interior. The cushions are available in two sizes and shapes: smaller square ones and larger rectangular ones.       Focusing on the interior Fora is a well-designed collection, thought through in every detail. It will decorate the chill-out rooms in workplaces, and highlight spacious waiting rooms, lobbies, public spaces and homes. All the more so as AT&T Global Business Solutions predicts that the number of people using a hybrid mix of remote and desktop working will increase from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024. What makes this collection special? Straight lines on the outside, and softer and more organic forms on the inside, says Kasper. Playing with lightness and contemporary shapes allows you to create a set according to your own needs and preferences. The collection includes: modular sofas, acoustic furniture and coffee tables. Although Fora looks like a classic sofa, its modularity and wide range of different compositions make it the perfect choice for mixed-use interiors.       Freedom of choice The Fora sofas are made using resilient upholstery foam and wave springs, making it incredibly soft and comfortable. The minimalist steel base gives it a loft look softened by the deep seat and thick and soft back. The seat that complements the sofa can also be a pouffe, which is also excellent as a standalone piece of furniture. The modules can be combined with special connectors to create individual configurations of sofas. The ideal complement to the collection are sets of sofas with acoustic walls, allowing to create an even more private atmosphere. The Fora tables, on the other hand, come in two sizes. The rectangular or square top, which is rested on a powder-coated metal frame, can be made of laminated board, finger joint oak or high-quality HPL board.       Harmony, focus, calmness A sofa and an armchair with acoustic walls make it possible to create a cosy space corresponding to the entire collection. The walls are filled with a special acoustic fleece, which creates an additional acoustic surface in the room. When I think of this collection, I see classics, elegance and modularity, concludes Kasper Mose. Fora successfully brings homely warmth and cosiness into open office and public spaces, he adds. The collection is distinguished by its wide range of different compositions, as well as its simple and timeless design.     
    We are pleased to announce that the armchairs from the Ox:co collection have once again been tested by the independent TÜV Thüringen, which has confirmed their high quality and safety by awarding the GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit) certificate. For the tests, we selected the models that are in greatest demand: OX 102, OXW 740, OX 4R, OX 5R and OX 290. The GS certificate is a quality mark that is awarded to products that meet strict safety and ergonomic standards. It is an independent confirmation that our Ox:co chairs meet the highest quality standards and are safe to use. Ox:co is our most popular armchair collection, which stands out not only for its timeless design, but also for its excellent comfort and durability. Each armchair is carefully upholstered and made from high-quality materials.  The GS certification adds another dimension of confidence in our brand and confirms our consistent work on product improvement.              
      We have enriched our sampler book with fashionable shades, depending on the colour in a matte or structured finish. The RAL paint colour palette is a universally used colour coding system. It is the standard in accurate identification of individual shades. The uniformity of the system, its worldwide availability, as well as the clarity of the colour presentation, facilitate the selection of colours that perfectly match the customer's requirements. Choosing colours based on the RAL colour chart guarantees a piece of furniture in a precisely defined shade. The basic colours (white RAL 9003s, grey RAL 7024s and black RAL 9005s in a structured finish) have joined our regular offer. Additional colours (corresponding to current trends) will be introduced periodically. The selection of such colours will not result in any price changes. The additional colour chart will only be available online. Moss green (RAL 6005m), pale green (RAL 6021m), grey beige (RAL 1019s), dusty pink (RAL 3012m), coral red (RAL 3016m), burgundy (RAL 3005m), grey blue (RAL 5014), sapphire blue (RAL 5003m) and quarzite grey (7039m), which non-obvious colour will you choose? The additional colour chart will only be available online.      
    Gabriel's Cura has joined our group of recycled fabrics, which consists of 98% polyester made from used, This is a small but necessary step for the operation of our ecosystem. Cura is a two-color, melange fabric that mimics the look of natural fibers. With its warm colors and inspiration from nature, it becomes an interesting choice for both office interiors and homey work and leisure spaces. It is also 100% recyclable.. It is manufactured from used plastic bottles, as confirmed by the GRS certificate that specifies the requirements for recycled fibers. The fabric also has the EU eco-label and the Oeko_Tex quality certificate, which confirms that the product is harmless to humans. At the same time, it meets the requirements of Möbelfakt - the Swedish furniture classification system. The fabric can be used in most Bejot products, and especially for the new seats from the Flos or Epocc Lounge collections. Gabriel's Cura fabrics are available in our standard sampler in price group II. We have selected 13 colors for our offer..    
      Introducing the latest spring edition of  Bejot Magazine 1/2023   What will you find inside?   Our novelty - the Flos collection combining biophilia, harmony and functionality. A modern revitalization in the spirit of the Italian Renaissance - Generali. Agile space - an office put in motion with our products on castors. Oceanic - a plastic-free ocean? An exceptional polyester fabric with a message. Gummy Bear - outdoor "jellies" for special tasks.   Enjoy reading!             
    Offices are evolving and, with them, the solutions that are part of the modern working environment. The space of the modern office is still open, but with clear divisions between formal and informal areas. Some are designed to encourage individual work, others to support interaction between co-workers. Functional office furniture to help plan the arrangement is a step towards a modern office space. Creating a flexible workspace that meets the different expectations of its users is an extremely difficult task. The key to success may be to use the Leaf_Pod collection of modular furniture designed by Dmitri Maltsev in the arrangement. Leaf_Pod is a solution designed for comfortable open space working, combining the need to collaborate in a team with working in isolation.         Multifunctional Leaf_pod furniture with a wide range of applications The Leaf_pod collection is difficult to classify unequivocally into one typical group of furniture products. It combines a number of different functions and has the features of a bench, the comfort of soft seating furniture and the functionality of acoustic products. Leaf_pod is ideal for zoned offices, enabling 3 different functional areas to be separated: work, collaboration and rest.       Work area The concentration area designed by Dymitr Malcew, created mainly for working in silence, is a real mine of new ideas, concepts and original designs. Thanks to the various configurations of Leaf_pod modules, which include a desk, sofa and canopy-covered acoustic wall, it is possible to design a comfortable workspace conducive to increased concentration, without closing off the possibility of communicating freely with co-workers. In hybrid offices, employees currently in the office can use single focus_pod workstations, while in large call centres, a snake_pod set will solve problems with noise and lack of privacy.       Cooperation area The vision of a post-pandemic office where everyone works alone, isolated from the rest of the team, has not worked. People need each other - sharing experiences and motivating each other is invaluable. Integration and collaboration will be facilitated by the right place. Today's meetings no longer need to take place in closed, uninspiring spaces. Leaf_pod modules can be put together in layouts to suit your needs. A short project meeting for a team of several people is best held in a brainstorm_pod room with a wide work surface, surrounded from the outside by high walls. The cosy space creates a sense of security and enables integration, unleashing the team's creativity. A meeting with a client also requires the right setting. Comfortable chat_pod sofas facing each other facilitate any conversation and make it flow in a pleasant atmosphere. The possibility of displaying a presentation on a monitor undoubtedly increases the effectiveness of the conversation.       Relaxation area Relaxation areas in modern companies are a necessity that benefits all employees. A shared area where people can relax and chat naturally strengthens bonds between employees. Using leaf_pod sofa free modules consisting of sofas, pouffes and loungers, it is possible to organise an informal zone in the office where everyone feels at ease. The cushions of various sizes and the soft lighting included in the collection will be useful in creating a homely atmosphere. The free-standing modules connected by tables also become an interesting alternative to reception sofas.   The modern office needs quiet Regardless of where and how we work, we need to ensure our comfort and reduce stress factors. One of these, and one that is the most bothersome and has a diminishing effect on employees' concentration levels, is the noise in the office. Leaf_pod is an excellent tool in the fight against unwanted sounds, which can even effectively replace several wall panels. The large surface area of the upholstered walls, filled with special acoustic fleece, effectively shields and absorbs sounds. The acoustic wave therefore penetrates to a lesser extent into the other workstations. It is significantly more quiet in the office and employees can work in full concentration.       Well organised office Modern office furniture responds to the needs of employees and makes their work more efficient. Organising accessories (cable trunking, media holders, mediaports and chargers) bring order to workstations, increasing comfort and safety. Items that act as office assistants are also invaluable. A pen tray, document rack, coat or key hangers and a magnetic board are undoubtedly what significantly reduces wasted time searching for lost accessories. Small designer accessories give each workstation a personal touch, enlarge the workspace and make work easier and more productive.   Choose the best solution! Do you have a large space in which you want to arrange a multifunctional and modern office interior? Are you looking for designs that will allow you to decorate your office in a way that is far from the popular cliché and duplicated patterns? If so, the modular Leaf_pod system is the perfect solution for you. It has a great design, is extremely functional and effective in the fight against noise. Have you already decided but are not sure which modules to choose? On our website you will find a configurator to help you create the office furniture layout of your dreams. Click here and find out yourself.    
    We are excited to introduce you inside Bejot France team's showroom in the Paris area. The minimalist design of the showroom, kept in toned and warm colours, provides the perfect background for the exhibited furniture. The 300 sq m area, divided into zones, allows you to discover and try out products from the Treehouse, Social swing, Leaf_pod or Saar collections. You will find there also your favourite Momo, Ox:co and Orte chairs, as well as the novelties from Woodbe, Hens and Wei collections. The space was created primarily for distributors looking for creative and modern office solutions. Architects, interior designers, and clients are also welcome to visit and discover Bejot's universe. Together with the Bejot France team, we encourage you to make an appointment and visit our Paris showroom.   Contact: Celine Rolin, tel.: +33760785475 email: Location: 8, avenue du Stade de France, Saint Denis, France    
    At this year's Orgatec 2022, we are presenting solutions that will make it easier for designers and investors to keep up with the changes caused by the pandemic and digital transformation. The collections that will appear in our 2023 offer will have their premiere at the fair. Visitors can also see the 2022 novelties and other Bejot flagship products. Below is a sketch of our stand with the products listed, so you can easily find more information about the product you are interested in.        
    Bejot's offer is available on the prestigious international service Architonic. The portal presents more than 400.000 selected products and materials from all over the world. Architonic is an extremely useful tool for architects, designers, investors and design enthusiasts. 16 million visitors a year choose the site as their guide to the best of contemporary design.   View Bejot's profile      
    We are excited to release a brand new Acoustic Collection catalogue! You will find there all the necessary information concerning acoustic issues, as well as many tips and solutions for creating a better acoustic environment and reducing noise levels in rooms. We hope that the catalogue will provide you with a solid dose of knowledge as well as many interesting product and interior design inspirations. Discover the catalogue through the link Acoustic Collections catalog    
    What are the main principles of the WELL certificate? What conditions must be fulfilled by a building to obtain the certificate? How to design in accordance with the principles of the WELL certificate? These are just some of the topics discussed during the Friday meeting with architects "WELL Certificate - interiors that care about people's well-being”.   Answers to these questions were given by Ewa Gertig who specializes in environmental certificates. Organizers of the meeting: Bejot, MARO Office Furniture and Gerflor Polska presented solutions and materials which will facilitate the certification process. The event showed that the issue of improving the quality of usage of buildings arouses great interest and is becoming increasingly important for architects.   Thank you all for participation in the meeting, inspiring conversations behind the scenes and fantastic atmosphere!     
    On Saturday May 14th during Łódź Design Festival Must Have statues were awarded. Our collection of Gummy Bear lounge chairs designed by Jan Kochanski received one of them.  We are happy and proud of this award. We would like to thank the designer for his creativity and cooperation in this technologically challenging project and for getting our collection noticed and honored by the competition jury.  
Acoustics affect our workplace concentration, productivity and overall comfort. With the right acoustic solutions design, you can create a better working environment and reduce noise levels in the office. Every space is governed by slightly different rules, and there is no universal recipe for arranging a quiet office interior; there are, however, a few basic principles that are worth knowing.   1. Find the right acoustic solution  To find the right acoustic solution, it is important to consider the purpose of the office and the people who work there. Consider what activities office users undertake, how many phone calls they make, their communication and teamwork, and where they meet to integrate or relax. This analysis is the basis for designing solutions that work in a given space, while meeting the needs of the people who work there.     2. Well thought-out zone locations Well thought-out location of zones in an office can help to improve the acoustic environment. By creating the areas designated for individual work, communication and teamwork and keeping them separate from each other, we can automatically create spaces for silence, as well as those for conversation. Zones should be arranged in a way that ensures that no zone impedes the efficiency of another. For example, a conversation area can be separated by installing a 4-person Treehouse in the office, the walls of which significantly reduce the sound transmitted between adjacent areas.     3. Don't forget the ceiling and walls In the rooms, it is usually most effective to acoustically adapt the ceiling and two adjacent perpendicular walls (one of a pair of parallel walls). The solution we recommend is to install Silent Block Sky or Selva Sky panels on the ceiling and Silent Block Wall or Selva Wall on adjacent walls. By using a relatively small number of panels we'll be able to eliminate reverberation, increase speech intelligibility and improve room acoustics without reducing the floor space.       4. Use soft, porous materials Sound waves are absorbed by soft, porous materials. Filling an office space with such elements helps to reduce reverberation time, so it is a good idea to install carpet on the floor and acoustic panels on the ceiling (e.g. Silent Block Sky). We suggest to include upholstered furniture in the rooms (e.g. Ox:co or Lumi chairs, Plint or Quadra modular sofas) and bookcases and binders, which also have sound-absorbing potential. We especially recommend Saar shelving units, which, in addition to their classic storage function, they can also be paired up with upholstered acoustic panels. Shelving with acoustic panels is a perfect solution for separating different areas in the office or separating circulation routes.     5. Block out excess sound Make sure the suitable noise screening method is in place i.e. block out excess sound with vertical noise barriers, e.g. Selva Free mobile screens or Selva Hang hanging screens. Let's not forget that the bigger the screen, the more effective it is. Bejot's acoustic screens are available in a wide range of materials, colours and shapes to suit any space.     6.Drown out noise sources The quickest way to improve acoustics in an office is to identify the biggest source of noise  (e.g. noisy office equipment) and soundproof it in an efficient way. The closer the noise source is to the acoustic solution, the more effective it will be, which is why we recommend that acoustic screens and panels are placed near the shredder or printer (e.g. Selva Walll or ceiling panels Selva Sky).     7. Go with acoustic booths In order to provide a quiet place for telephone conversations, video conferences or small business meetings, it's a good idea to use the acoustic booths (Treehouse, Quadra), which bring an appropriate level of soundproofing, and ensure that these conversations remain confidential. Bejot acoustic booths are available in different sizes (for 1, 2 or 4 people) and can be configured according to your own individual needs.     8. Invest in desk screens Thanks to their design, they limit the spread of sound in the office while also absorbing it, hence helping to reduce noise levels. We recommend Selva Desk screens, which, thanks to their double-sided layer of acoustic fleece, absorb sounds from neighbouring workstations. At the same time, they give you the feeling of having your own safe space.     9. Create a personal workplace Our  recommendation is to introduce some comfortable areas for individual work in the open space. Stand-alone workstations such as the Selva Pod or Leaf Pod are a perfect solution here, as they provide high sound-shielding performance. With these products, the acoustic wave does not spread across the rest of the office quite as easily. This allows employees to work efficiently, maintain a state of high concentration and at the same time feel a sense of privacy and autonomy.     10. See our acoustic furtniture The space for relaxation, meetings and brainstorming should be equipped with acoustic furniture, which will ensure that all the conversations do not disturb other office users. For this particular purpose, it's best to go with modular sofa with high walls (e.g. Plint, Quadra, Voo voo 9xx) as well as the acoustic booths (Beachhouse, Treehouse). You simply cannot go wrong with Social Swing either - it is a construction with suspended armchairs, which is also a very eye-catching element of chillout zones     Summary All these tips help to dampen noise, reduce reverberation and provide the right acoustic environment, which in turn has a positive impact on the wellbeing and productivity of employees. As a manufacturer of acoustic furniture, we guarantee that you will quickly notice the effects of reducing the influx of various sounds and soundproofing your office space. Check out the selection of Bejot products or contact our expert to find solutions that will solve your noise problems.
It's time to dive into the colour trends for 2022! In this article, we'll take a look into the future and see which colours will dominate commercial interior design in the near future. After being confined and isolated, people crave freedom. We need open spaces, we want to feel connected to nature and start all over again. That's why we're not surprised that the trends for the coming year include lots of deep and vibrant colours, bold, never-before-seen combinations of patterns and textures, while soothing and natural shades are still close to us. Two approaches, infinite possibilities. Which one will you go for? Use our suggestions as inspiration and choose the best colours for you and your organisation.   1. I'm feeling green Green has been dominating commercial interiors for several seasons now. It sets a relaxing mood while keeping motivation levels high. We had bottle green, which is a deep, dark green shade, sage green, as well as moss green and hunter green from a palette of more muted shades. Next year's favourite will be evergreen fog, which is a soothing, subtle shade that symbolises a new beginning. Combining all these tones in one arrangement will be an interesting trend.   Product: saar     2. Soothing sky blue Declared the Colour of the Year 2020 by Pantone, classic blue has opened the door to the next trend of soft sky blues. Sky blue represents the promise of openness and refreshment. Surrounded by it, we feel safe and can concentrate on tasks at hand. It's the perfect colour to create a calm working environment. Products: silent block panels, double, hens   3. Soft pink Pink in the office no longer surprises anyone. Moving away from rigid structures, changing work styles and domestication of office interiors promote the introduction of soft seating, pleasant materials and soft colours. Pink and its shades such as pale pink, salmon, lily beautifully contrast with light wood tones and can make a space feel cosy and modern. Pink will definitely stick around in offices for 2022. Products: ox:co, selva wall, orte table   4. Comforting beige Beige is a neutral colour and will fit perfectly in a work environment space.Much like white, beige comes in various shades - from cool and professional to warm and earthy. They will work well if you are looking for ways to furnish a minimalist or more classic interior. On the other hand, you can use them as a background for bolder pieces.   Products: plint sofa, saar table   5. Sunny yellow A colour for the bold, especially when it comes to the office space. It will bring energy and positive mood to the space, but can also become a distracting element. It would definitely work better as an accent colour in the space, for example in the form of a yellow panel or pouffe, rather than the dominant colour in the interior. Are you willing to take that risk? .    Product: ox:co     6. The colours of the earth once again An office full of earthy colours expresses our connection to nature. Next year, this colour palette is bound to change. We steer clear of strong, decisive shades, focusing on fuzzy, pastel colours instead. When combined with deep burgundy, cherry or bloodred, we can create a strong arrangement in an elegant office. Products: ox:co, tables conference   How to pick the best colours for your office space? Colours in the office have a huge impact on employees, their emotions and productivity. When designing an office space, it's important to consider the function of the room, the mood you want to create in it and if possible follow the psychology of colour. Before making changes, it's also a good idea to talk to your team and check their opinions on the planned changes. The recurring brand colour in the interiors will reinforce the company's identity, but it should be used with common sense so that it does not dominate the interior entirely and overwhelm employees and guests. Bejot pattern book includes over twenty collections of fabrics from leading European manufacturers such as Camira, Gabriel, Spradling, Kvadrat or Svensson available in hundreds of colours and patterns. We update our sample offer each year, enabling designers and architects to create a modern, trend-driven space. We are currently working on the next edition of the Bejot pattern book for 2022, which will be presented soon.
When we talk about what's new in our portfolio this spring, we mean both new collections and models complementing the existing offer. The latest collections, designed according to the philosophy of biophilic design, bring nature into the interior: Woodbe and Tables cross - through a design based on the use of natural materials; Gummy bear - by opening up an enclosed space to an outdoor zone.   Woodbe chairs, benches and bar stools  Woodbe is a collection designed by Włodzimierz Orsztynowicz - a designer who has been cooperating with Bejot since the very beginning of its activity. The designer's aim is to create furniture that will stand the test of time in terms of both design and construction. The designer's work is characterised by minimalism and functionality, and the products are valued for their extraordinary comfort of use. The latest Woodbe collection, inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design, combines their best features: minimalism and broadly defined austerity of form. The collection is based on simple, geometric chairs, which in combination with natural wood help to create a cosy interior, oscillating between the famous hygge and the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi. As the name suggests, the furniture is made of natural wood - solid oak. The offer includes two models of chairs: with legs and with skids, with upholstery only on the seat or on the seat and backrest. Comfortable wooden armrests are an additional option. For interiors focused on collaboration and integration, chairs can be replaced by benches from the Woodbe collection, which bring people together and create a less formal atmosphere. The benches are available in two sizes, suitable for 1100 mm and 740 mm high tables. The offer is complemented by bar stools with skids, consistent in design with the other models, which allow you to design a harmonious cafeteria, restaurant or staff canteen. The simple form of the Woodbe collection does not require any sacrifices in terms of comfort and durability, the seats will work in all styles of commercial and residential spaces, even the most demanding ones. Products: woodbe chairs   Tables cross For a minimalist interior, it is worth choosing a table that is economical in form. Our latest proposal is the Tables cross table. The massive base of the table, made of wood and metal, gives it a slightly industrial feel. Single tables can be joined together using a stable connector to create long benches for more guests. Complemented by chairs or benches from the Woodbe collection, they enable the creation of a beautiful space of a dining room in a restaurant or a conference space in an office, giving it a strong and elegant character. Simple in form, the table becomes a universal model that also fits in with many of our other collections.   Products: tables cross, woodbe chairs   Gummy bear lounge chairs The latest collection of lounge chairs is a product unlike any other. They attract attention with their friendly, playful design, evoking the memory of popular jelly beans - hence the name of the collection :) The designer of the project is the well-known Polish designer Jan Kochański, who combines technical knowledge with experimental processes in his work to create sophisticated objects. For the Gummy bear collection, the designer used roto-moulded plastic resistant to weather conditions. The most important thing for us, however, is that seats manufactured using this technology can be fully processed and recycled at the end of their useful life. The designer also paid special attention to the form and appropriate profiling of the product, whose soft lines invite you to rest and provide optimum comfort, which is extremely important in a relaxation area. We assure you, these chairs are great to sit in!   Product: gummy bear The collection consists of models made entirely of GB ROTO plastic, models on a solid GB TW oak wood structure and two models on metal structures - GB TM and GB 4P. Thanks to their properties, GB ROTO armchairs can also be used in outdoor spaces: on office terraces, home balconies or in restaurant gardens. This is a great solution in a work environment that allows you to incorporate the outdoor space into the office and "expand" it with an integration zone, while maintaining the coherence of the decor of both spaces. Gummy bear armchairs are available in five colours: white, grey, beige, grey-melange and graphite-melange. Product: gummy bear   New models in already well-known collections The spring offer will include several new models. Special attention should be paid to new products in the following collections: Wei WE 271 model on a lightweight bar base and its WE 270 version extended with armrests with a wooden pad Product: wei WE 271   Ox:co small in the form of a bar stool with a comfortable seat -  OX S H model in two heights (for 900 and 1100 mm tables) Product: oox:co bar stool   Quadra Standing Box - We have added new options to the Quadra Standing Box. It is now also available without internal 3D panels (with or without seat). The new models retain the high acoustic properties of the classic Quadra Standing Box. Treehouse - in line with our customers' expectations, we are introducing TH 4E G2 and TH 4E G1 models - these are acoustic booths without furniture that can be individually arranged into a mini conference room, recording studio, etc.  New collections already on sale This year's launches are proof that it is possible to create functional and beautiful products while respecting the environment. We hope that the proposed collections will allow our customers to design fashionable and functional spaces that support people during meetings, work and fun activities alike. Interested in our offer? Spring novelties are already available at our distributors at home and abroad. Feel free to contact us.   
The last two years have been a time of tremendous change in the work environment, driven by the pandemic and fuelled by the need to adapt offices to new safety and comfort requirements. Throughout this time, we have asked ourselves – what will offices look like in a post-COVID reality? We even wondered if they would be necessary at all?   Several months have passed, and the coronavirus is still going strong. The pandemic has become our reality, so to speak. In the meantime, it became clear that there are some downsides to remote work, even though it seemed like the perfect solution at the beginning of the pandemic. Employees are increasingly eager to return to their offices after several months of isolation. The question is: do they need offices as they knew before? What will the office look like in 2022? We bring you 6 trends that modern workplaces are moving towards.     1. Hybrid working model Organisations are clearly changing their attitude towards the idea of a centralised workplace, shifting to a hybrid style of working that combines remote and in-office work. A modern, well-designed hybrid office is a place for employees to work, meet and integrate. It is supposed to provide a high level of comfort at work, but its main job is to build a sense of belonging, maintain relationships and shape the bond between the employee and the organisation. That is why it is so important to arrange space properly, with separate zones for different functions that allow employees to work focused, do some creative work, or have a place for team meetings or relaxation. Here, everyone will find a place for themselves, tailored to their individual needs and the tasks at hand.   products: leaf_pod, ovidio, plint, saar, selva, treehouse   2. Mobility A modern office space must be flexible and respond quickly to ever-changing needs. There are no rows of desks or typical conference rooms here. Instead, there are hot desks used by employees who are currently working in the office or mobile acoustic booths for small meetings. With it, the interior has additional space, which can be arranged as you see fit using mobile furniture. Swivel chairs, stackable chairs, modular sofas, and lightweight partitions can be stowed away or rearranged if necessary, quickly changing the office configuration. Visualisation of a hybrid office   3. Individual workspace Accustomed to working alone, we may feel a great deal of discomfort when we return to the office. Noise and a large number of people in the office can effectively distract us and have an adverse effect on our efficiency. That's why perfectly soundproofed booths and cubes and other designated retreats that allow you to work focused will become more and more common in open space. There will also be cosy quiet zones looking more like a home than an office, where you can relax and recharge your batteries.   products: booi workstation, saar   4. In biophilic design style Speaking of relaxation... biophilic design is on the rise. Locked in our homes, we missed the world. Now even more so than before, we feel ill when we are confined in stuffy rooms with no daylight or greenery. That's why Office 2022 will be full of greenery, forms, textures and colours that refer to nature. The interiors will be dominated not only by natural materials such as wood and stone, but also by furniture with shape or function that imitates the outside world. Opening up the office and including an outdoor space that stimulates creativity can also convince employees to choose the office as a place to work.   products: plint   5. Technology in the office Technology has played an important role in office design, but changing work styles have caused a real boom in these types of solutions. In 2022, we will expect offices and furniture to support and facilitate online meetings. The office arrangement will increase the number of small huddle spaces, well-connected quick meeting rooms. Acoustic booths and cubes with monitors are a great way to keep your team connected while working from home or discussing a presentation with a customer remotely. Conventional meeting rooms can be transformed into "audio rooms" soundproofed with acoustic panels and equipped with recording equipment. Furniture such as tables, sofas, and pouffes will feature technology-supportive elements such as built-in phone chargers, USB and HDMI outlets.   6. Sustainable design When we talk about the office of the future, we cannot forget about sustainability. This is probably the hottest trend of 2022 that will stay with us for a long time. Now, it's no longer enough to have a marketing message about recycling, we need to be authentic and conscious about office and furniture design. Sustainable office designs look for materials that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recycled and recyclable. One example is the Oceanic fabric available in our offer, which consists of 100% polyester recycled from plastic. More and more such solutions will emerge in the upcoming year.   Summary In 2022 office design, the focus will be on people, their needs and well-being. Depending on the tasks at hand, employees should have an option to choose a workspace for themselves that provides optimal comfort. Bejot solutions make it possible to divide the open space into functional zones where you can perform your duties focused, work creatively with your team or organise a meeting with a customer, and most importantly - among people. This type of office will become an even more important differentiator when it comes to employee retention.
    New products - summary of 2021   Last year we introduced many new products to our offer. Among them are both completely new collections and further variants of existing products. We remind you of the latest chairs, modular sofas, tables and acoustic booths.     double   hens   plint   wei   lupp, tables hr   saar hang, saar tables   orte AH, orte 2Q
An office space designed with ergonomics in mind boosts efficiency and makes work more pleasant. As such, it is worth choosing an arrangement that not only promotes concentration but also reduces stress and stimulates creativity. What are the most common pitfalls of office interior design? Read on to find out!     Designing your office space the right way No two interiors are alike. Creating schematic arrangements is pointless. Still, it is worth knowing some office design fundamentals. What mistakes should you avoid to create an office that is pleasant to work in?   Mistake No. 1: Unnecessary partition walls You should opt for the open space model if only the nature of your work so permits. A spacious office means greater freedom of movement, more oxygen and improved access to daylight. Our modern, mobile Selva acoustic walls work great as office partitions. Selva walls can be freely rearranged, allowing you to divide the common space into compartments in whatever way you need.   Mistake No. 2: No dedicated quiet zones Every office needs a place where you can focus. But what if there is not enough space to allocate a separate room for this purpose? Enter acoustic booths. Treehouse series cabins  are essentially miniature conference rooms. Depending on the model, they can hold up to four people, allowing them to work comfortably. Not only can acoustic booths become comfortable spaces for individual work, but they can also serve as places for creative brainstorming. Importantly, you can also easily hold teleconferences and business talks inside. Their walls and glass have excellent soundproofing properties, muting both outside noises and keeping your business talks private. This guarantees full discretion, allowing you to focus on the task at hand while also improving office acoustics.   Mistake No. 3: Furniture unsuited to employee needs Always choose office furniture that employees can adjust to their height and preferred work style. Tables with adjustable tabletops, as well as armchairs with adjustable seats, backrests and armrests are a must. However, we recommend going a step further and enabling employees to work in various places and different positions – both sitting and standing.   Mistake No. 4: No space conducive to relaxationi A relaxed mind always teems with ideas. Thus, every office must have a space where you can have a meal or take your mind off work – if only for a moment. At the same time, there is no need to have a separate chillout room. Modular sofas with acoustic walls or acoustic furniture from the Beachhouse or Social Swing collections can help you easily set up open space R&R zones.   See what's new in our collections! An office interior is a company's showpiece whose design often determines if employees are willing to work there. Offices arranged in an aesthetic way boost productivity and make the work itself more pleasant. Bejot offers state-of-the-art office furniture, as well as acoustic panels, walls and booths, to meet all your office decor needs. We encourage you to see our catalogues and contact us if you have any questions. Our office and acoustic furniture is available both in Poland and abroad.  
Tables and chairs are an integral part of every training room. After all, business conferences, training sessions and investor meetings may often last many hours This makes comfortable office furniture a must. But what exactly should you consider when choosing your conference chairs? Read on to see what our experts have to say!   Finding your perfect conference chairs On the one hand, the choice of office chairs is determined by the size and spatial arrangement of the room itself, and on the other, by the nature of the meetings held there. Rooms for large group training sessions and those for meetings between the management and primary shareholders in a more private setting require completely different furniture. So what should you consider when buying conference chairs? See some of our practical tips below!   Choose your chairs based on the room's size and purpose Conference rooms intended for meetings of several (dozen) people typically have large tables. In this case, office swivel chairs with freely adjustable armrests, backrests and seat height are an ideal option On the other hand, stationary models are a better choice for large rooms, as well as rooms where meetings are held frequently. Chairs can be set up on four stable legs,  a rotating base or skids.   Ergonomics above all Sitting in the same position for many hours can directly affect your health and well-being, which is why choosing the right office chair is crucial. Conference chairs should provide full comfort even during all-day meetings. Aspects such as production materials, seat height and backrest contouring are of key importance in providing comfort. Upholstered office chairs are the best option for training rooms. They must be equipped with comfortable backrests, seats and armrests as well.   Pay attention to functionality Regardless of whether it is made of fabric or leather, your chair's upholstery should be resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. The higher the material and workmanship quality, the better. Since the conference room furniture arrangements change often, the chairs should be as light and mobile as possible. This greatly facilitates meeting preparation. Another convenient solution in this regard is models that enable stacking – i.e. placing chairs on top of one another. This makes it considerably easier to store furniture on company premises.   Find your perfect conference chairs now! Conference room decor may vary substantially. As such, chairs can harmoniously complement their arrangement or quite the contrary – they can stand out. Using bold colours is a great way to liven up any room and fill it with positive energy. Your choice is only limited by your creativity. See Bejot's latest office furniture catalogue and find your perfect conference room chairs today! Please do not hesitate to contact our distributors if you have any questions. You can order our products both in Poland and abroad.    
      Thank you very much for visiting our stand during this year's edition of Warsaw Home & Contract. We are very pleased that our products aroused so much interest.  Conversations in a pleasant atmosphere and positive comments on the latest collections were very inspiring for us.          
Cold, corporate, soulless interiors are becoming less and less common nowadays. Designers andmanufacturers of modern office furnitureshow with each new collection that ergonomics and greatdesign can go hand in hand. Whether it is a company open space or a small office, it is worth saving some space fordesigner furniture, which will improve the aesthetics of theofficeand introduce a positive atmosphere to the interior. Looking for an idea for an effective rearrangement of space? Check out our suggestions. Go with designer furniture that creates an office atmosphere The way office space is arranged is as important as ergonomic equipment or the availability ofmodern technology. Contrary to appearances, it does not take much to make theoffice more atmospheric. Often, just one piece ofdesigner furniturecan completely change the character of the interior. Beachhouse, or mobile acoustic booths in action They are perfect for open space as well as the smaller rooms. The Beachhouse collection is mobile acousticfurniture inspired by the traditional beach chair. Fantastic design is not their only advantage - thanks to Beachhouse you will have a place to relax, but also a comfortable space to talk or work with a laptop. We designed the booth to provide privacy and soundproofing.  Treehouse - one box, many possibilities Treehouse acoustic booths are taking corporate open spaces by storm. No wonder - it is an impressive, yet practical solution. Designer acoustic furniture in the form of miniature houses is a great way to divide an open space into separate soundproofed zones or intimate conference rooms. Depending on the model, one or more people can work comfortably inside the Treehouse. A large selection of upholstery fabrics and finishing materials will allow you to fully adjust the booth to the style of your office. Social swing = even more energy and creative ideas Every officeneeds a space where a larger team can come together to discuss a project and exchange ideas. Does it always have to be a separate room? On the contrary – the designer Social Swing is perfect for this. Did you know that rhythmic rocking not only lowers stress levels, but also stimulates the brain to be more active and promotes creative thinking? Sitting in a circle, on the other hand, makes it easier to engage in conversation. The suspended armchairs and soft sofas that make up the Social Swing system are a comfortable place for an informal meeting, creative brainstorming, or just a break. Check out other offers from Bejot Whether it's an open space, a cosyoffice or a home office, reach for solutions that build the atmosphere of the interior.Designer booths and acousticfurniture, mobile walls and screens,modernmodular systems, openwork shelving - it can all work.  You can order Bejot office and acousticfurniture( through distributors bothin Poland and abroad. Check out our offer.
The sitting position while working at a computer seems to be something obvious - we work sitting down a little bit out of comfort, a little bit out of habit. However, experts agree that prolonged sitting is quite a challenge for the spine. Whether you are just arranging a corporate open space, small office, or home office, ergonomic officechairsare a good investment. How do you spot the best ones? Check out our guide. Ergonomic chairs - why are they so important? The office is where employees spend a good portion of their day. The way you arrange workstations and conference rooms has a direct impact on the efficiency, creativity and well-being of your team. The design of office furniture is important, but that's not all – the chairs must be comfortable and safe. So go formodern models designed in accordance with ergonomic principles. Ergonomic, meaning adapted to the human anatomy Ergonomic office chairs are the ones that guarantee a comfortable and natural position while working. They should provide maximum comfort while sitting and full freedom of movement. Anatomically shaped seat and backrest, adjustable armrests, option to swivel the chair around the vertical axis in the range of 360° - it all matters here. An ergonomic office chair should also have a stable base with at least five points of support, and it should be adjustable. Also think about comfortable conference chairs Conference room is a place for training, presentations, business meetings with clients, contractors and investors - so it is a business card of the company, it simply has to look great. When arranging your space, consider not only the design, but also how practical they are. Conference chairs should be, above all, comfortable, convenient and durable. Invest well Ergonomic officechairs are a good investment. They are comfortable and also relieve pressure on the neck and lumbar spine, preventing headaches and back pain. If you are looking for the best solutions, check out Bejot's offer. All modern office and conferencechairs, as well as bar stools and office desks, can be fully customised. Find your favourite model and then decide on the type of construction, colours, materials and upholstery fabric.  You can order our office and acoustic furniture both in Poland and abroad. See our best offers.  
Whether it is a hairdressing salon, doctor's office, law firm or business office, the visitors sometimes have to wait their turn in each of these places. Therefore, when designing the space, it is worth taking care of an impressive and comfortable arrangement of the waiting room. Why is this so important? What kind of furniture will work best? Classic chairs like the ones in hotel conference rooms? Or maybe soft seats, lounge chairs and sofas? In this article, we suggest what to consider when choosing furniture for your waiting room – check it out. Waiting room furniture – why is it so important? The design of public interiors, where customers are received, inevitably involves the issue of furnishing a waiting room. Whether it is a doctor's office, beauty salon or any other office, it is a good idea to set aside some space where customers or patients can comfortably wait for an appointment. The design of the interior directly affects the sense of comfort of those waiting, but it also affects the image of the company. The waiting room is, in a sense, the business card of the company and its decor is responsible for the first impression. The choice of furniture should be well thought out – matched to the size and style of the room. Whether you opt for comfortable chairs or elegant armchairs or lounge sofas, remember that great design is not everything. You should also pay attention to the practical aspect. Waiting room furniture should be made of durable materials and easy to clean. Then, they can be an investment for long years to come. What is the best furniture to choose for a waiting room? Both comfortable hotel armchairs, stylish seats for several people, as well as lounge sofas will work well in this role. Everything depends on the size and layout of the interior. A good choice for an intimate reception area will be soft, fabric upholstered conference chairs, as well as seats for several people, such as benches from the Sky_Line or Fendo collection. It is an impressive, comfortable and practical solution. You can conveniently personalise the furniture in most of our series by deciding, among other things, on:  the type of construction, the length of the bench, the colour and material of the seats, the type of backrest. Optionally, you can also install a top in place of the seat. In this way, you can easily match the furnishings to the style and size of the interior. On the other hand, if you have a larger waiting room, lounge chairs and sofas such as the ones from the Legvan line are a good idea. Many interesting solutions can also be found in the Plint and Quadra collections. Soft modular furniture give unlimited arrangement possibilities and provide customers with maximum comfort while waiting for an appointment. To further enhance your guests' time in the waiting room, complement the seating with coffee tables. This way, they will be able to comfortably enjoy a cup of coffee, use the water dispenser, or flip through magazines. Find your waiting room furniture in the Bejot collections In search of inspiration for the arrangement of a waiting room, check out the latest collections of office furniture by Bejot. The manufacturer's proposals include comfortable hotel chairs, stylish benches, lounge chairs and sofas, as well as coffee tables and many other interesting solutions. You can order furniture through domestic and international distributors. See our full offer and feel free to contact us if you have any questions – we will be happy to advise you.
The basic aspect worth considering when arranging a call centre is the acoustics of the office. Persistent noise is annoying, tiring and distracting, and thus effectively reduces comfort and productivity. Be sure to include modern acoustic solutions in an open space design. Soundproofing furniture, walls, sound-absorbing panels – these are all good ideas. See how to use them. How to improve acoustics in a call centre office? According to experts, one of the most tiresome sources of noise is the conversations of the people around you. Due to the nature of call center work, telemarketers hear the conversations of the colleagues working next to them virtually all the time. The use of effective acoustic solutions is necessary in this case. The improvement of office acoustics consists, on the one hand, in separating employees from each other, e.g. with soundproof walls, and on the other hand – in soundproofing the entire room. Bearing in mind that sound waves bounce off flat surfaces, make sure you have proper carpeting as well as acoustic panels on your walls and ceiling. What solutions do acoustic furniture manufacturers offer? Acoustic panels – one product, many possibilities They will allow you to create a cosy and visually appealing space. Ceiling and wall acoustic panels are made from special, sound-absorbing materials. They have simple geometric shapes, such as hexagonal, square, rectangular, so they can easily be arranged in a variety of compositions. They also come in a wide range of colours so that you can create an impressive arrangement with their help. Meanwhile, hanging acoustic panels from the Selva hang collection  can be used to divide workstations. In this case, it is important that screens separate not only the desks themselves, but also the telemarketers working side by side. Free-standing and mobile acoustic walls Selva Free free-standing acoustic screens upholstered with sound-absorbing fabrics enable the creation of quiet zones in call centre offices.  Acoustic walls are lightweight and can be freely combined and joined together. With their help, you can easily separate individual workstations. They improve office acoustics and provide privacy for the employee, making it easier to focus on the task at hand. Such a soundproof wall should reach above the telemarketer's head while seated and extend about 30 cm beyond the edge of the workstation. Modular acoustic furniture – solutions for every space The acoustic modular furniture sets from the Leaf_Pod and Selva_Pod series are solutions that can be fully tailored to the needs of your office. Individual elements of such a system can be freely combined, creating a variety of configurations. Use our configurator and see how it works in practice. Check out the latest acoustic solutions from Bejot It is hard to imagine a call centre office without professional acoustic solutions. Soundproof screens, panels and walls, designer booths and modern modular furniture are just a few of the many interesting proposals from Bejot. All products from the collection can be ordered through our Polish and international distributors. Check our full offer and feel free to write to us if you have any questions – we will help you choose the best solutions for your office.  
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The interiors we spend time in directly affect our mood. According to experts, a workplace without any natural elements can have a negative impact on employee health. For this reason, it is worth thinking about arranging an office in the spirit of biophilic design. Nature-inspired designs are a great option not only for residential spaces but also for commercial or office spaces. Find out exactly what biophilia is and how to use it in your business! How does biophilic design work? This concept is based on introducing nature or elements imitating nature into interiors and creating functional arrangements that satisfy all human needs. To create an office in the spirit of biophilic design, you can use, among other things: nature-inspired colours and textures, ergonomic office furniture made of natural materials, modern acoustic solutions. Opt for natural elements Colours, textures, and materials used in office furniture affect the well-being and productivity of employees. To create a friendly office, choose furnishings made from natural materials. Opt for earth tones as well as textures that mimic those found in nature. Introduce live plants into your office space too – place them on designer shelves or bookcases  and enjoy a warm interior that facilitates creative work. Choose ergonomic solutions A biophilic office may lack many things but it cannot exist without ergonomic furniture. Height-adjustable tables and chairs that enable spine movement in multiple planes are a must. Such chairs: effectively activate the muscular system, protecting your discs from overload, allow you to maintain proper posture during prolonged periods of sitting, have a positive effect on your well-being, preventing headaches or backaches.  You should also find out about the sitting & standing philosophy. Think about multifunctional office furniture for sitting and standing.  Pay attention to office acoustics Create a friendly space for working in focus. You can use designer acoustic booths from the Treehouse collection. These are actually mini conference rooms that allow you to separate quiet spaces in your open space. Because they are made of sound-absorbing materials, they are excellent at muffling any outside noises, but also the conversations inside. They will prove to be a comfortable space for individuals and small teams to work in. Check out our new catalog and find the best solu-tions for your business! What else is worth keeping in mind? If possible, arrange workstations in close proximity to windows. Daylight increases productivity, boosts energy, and improves mood. If you have an outdoor space, think about landscaping it. It doesn't take much to turn balconies, terraces, gardens or even rooftops into comfortable workplaces. Invest in tables and designer soft seating furniture, and when the weather is nice, your team can work outside as well. Everything you need to create a biophilic office design can be found in the offer of Bejot brand. Should you have any questions, contact us – we will help you choose the best solutions for your business. Our office furniture is available throughout the country and around the world!  
The concept of designing interiors in harmony with nature, referred to as biophilic design, first appeared as early as the 1980s . In the meantime, it has become a favourite among office space designers. And for good reason – according to experts, biophilic ar-rangements have a positive impact on mood, efficiency and creativity. What exactly is biophilia? Why use it for business? Check it out. How to introduce biophilic elements into your office? Biophilic arrangements constitute a response to the basic human need for contact with nature. Biophilic design is about introduc-ing nature or elements imitating nature into the interiors. These can include green plants, furniture and office accessories made from natural materials, as well as skillfully chosen colours and textures. Functionality is just as important as aesthetics in this case – biophilic interiors are created for people. Why introduce biophilic elements into your office? Biophilia in the office translates into better employee health One of the assumptions of the creators of the biophilic design concept is designing spaces in such a way as to meet the most im-portant human needs. Therefore, the basis of any arrangement should be ergonomic furniture. A great option for the office are, for example, height-adjustable tables or office chairs that activate the spinal muscles while sitting. Sitting & standing solutions are also an interesting alternative, allowing you to work both sitting and standing. Frequent changes of position while working at the computer prevent back and neck tension, headaches, as well as the strain on the spine or wrists. This, in turn, translates into better health and well-being of employees. Biophilic arrangements increase efficiency This is because the creation of comfortable conditions for both individuals and teams to work in plays a large role here. Modern solutions improving office acoustics will help you quickly and effectively separate quiet spaces in noisy open spaces. That is all thanks to materials that both perfectly absorb outside noises and muffle conversations inside. Therefore, designer acoustic furniture will provide a comfortable space for working in concentration This will make your team perform even better and more efficiently. Biophilic design encourages creative work The need for contact with nature is embedded in the nature of every person. That is why the introduction of biophilic elements into rooms is effective in reducing stress levels. View of the space outside the window and greenery indoors improve concentra-tion and encourage creative thinking. Thus, when decorating the interior of the office, make sure that workstations are located close to windows. Don't forget about natural vegetation either. Using designer modular shelving, you can easily create green arrangements. In the process, you will also gain extra storage space for your accessories. Arrange a friendly office in the spirit of biophilic design Modern office and acoustic furniture, thanks to which you will introduce biophilia into your office, can be found in the product range of Bejot brand. Our products are available in Poland and all over the world. Check out what exactly we have prepared for you, and if you have any questions, contact us – we will help you choose the best solutions for your business!
After working remotely for a long time, more and more companies are considering operating under a hybrid model. According to reports, flexibility, or the ability to combine home office and onsite work, is in high demand - among both businesses and employees. How to adapt your office space to the new reality? Agile offices may be the answer to current needs. In order to provide a comfortable environment for your teams, you should choose modern modular furniture and  acoustic solutions. Learn how you can use them!   What is an Agile office? There are many variant of an office space arranged following the Agile philosophy. However, it should always be functional and at the same time stimulate the creativity of employees. To create it, you do not need to turn the whole office upside down. You can start with setting aside a space for team meetings and visualisation of projects and strategies.   Organise a comfortable area for individual work With ergonomic desks and chairs. You can opt for classic office furniture or for modern modular Leaf_Pod systems. The latter are distinguished by their great design, and are also functional. They enable comfortable work in concentration as well as free group interaction. Plus, they improve the acoustics of the office. The individual elements of the set are light and mobile, so you can quickly and conveniently rearrange the space as needed. Use the configurator available on our website and test the various possibilities and you will easily adjust the arrangement to your needs!   Think about collaborative and creative work spaces When furnishing a collaborative workspace, be sure to check out Treehouse acoustic booths. With their help, you can separate quiet meeting places in a noisy open space. Each booth in our offer is a cozy room where several people can work comfortably. It will work well for small team interviews or presentations, as well as online conferences. It will also be ideal for sharing ideas and developing strategies. Office acoustic booths are equipped, among others, with: soft upholstered chairs, comfortable place to work on your laptop, full facilities necessary to conduct video and teleconferences, built-in air ventilation system for improved working comfort, Soundproof glass and panels that absorb noise from outside and muffle conversations inside. Modern furniture and soundproofing solutions will positively influence the acoustics of your office and increase the comfort and productivity of your employees.   Also remember about the relaxation area Check out Quadra and Plint modular office systems! With the help of soft sofas, chairs, pouffes and upholstered partitions you can create a friendly space to relax, which additionally encourages creative work. Comfortable seating gives you unlimited adaptability, and you can quickly and conveniently rearrange it if needed.   Create an Agile office with us! Modern modular systems as well as soundproof booths and telephone booths for the office by Bejot will help you do this. We are a Polish manufacturer of office furniture and acoustic solutions, our products can be ordered through distributors in the country and abroad. Check our current offer, and if you have any questions, give us a call or write to us - we will be glad to advise you!
More and more companies decide to reactivate the office after the lockdown. However, ensuring that employees are comfortable and safe while performing their duties requires proper planning and reorganisation of workstations. Fortunately, office furniture manufacturers come to the rescue by offering modern modular and acoustic systems. How do you prepare for your team's return to headquarters? Check out what you need to keep in mind!   How to safely organise a new office? When deciding on specific solutions, keep the health, safety, and comfort of your employees above all else. Below we suggest what to pay attention to during the arrangement, as well as which office furniture works best!   Dividing the space into separate zones is essential In the new reality, ergonomic tables and chairs are still important, however, it is not enough. To keep employees safe, it's a good idea to divide the common space into separate areas. To do so, reach for modern acoustic solutions. Both mobile walls and acoustic booths - such as Treehouse or Quadra - will be perfect for this purpose. Intimate and cozy "cottages" are great design, but also great functionality. They are perfect for individual work, and working in small teams if needed. Each is equipped with, among other things: comfortable upholstered sofas, ergonomic place to work on your laptop, space for multimedia equipment with media ports, LED lighting with the option to adjust the angle of incidence and intensity of light, ventilation system with the possibility of using an air purifier, high quality soundproof glass. Acoustic office furniture has wheels for transport, so it is very mobile - you can easily set it up in the desired place. In addition, the sound-absorbing glass and panels installed in the booths perfectly muffle the noise from outside, allowing you to fully concentrate on your tasks.    Office modular furniture - how to use it in the arrangement of a new office? To keep your employees comfortable in the open space area, you can also go for modern modular furniture Leaf_Pod. Such a set includes, among other things: ergonomic desks with adjustable height,  comfortable sofas, magnetic boards, storage space for office accessories, lightweight and mobile partition walls for improved acoustic comfort. Individual pieces of furniture can be freely combined with each other, creating many interesting configurations. In this way you can effectively arrange the zone for individual and team work. Mobile modular furniture makes it easier to keep the right distance between employees and, as a result, significantly increases safety. In addition, it improves the focus and translate into productivity. At the same time, it allows for free group communication.   Arrange your office with us! Are you also preparing your company for the team's return? Check out the range of office and acoustic furniture by Bejot! You'll find modern modular systems, booths, sound-proof booths and panels, as well as ergonomic chairs, desks and more. All products in our offer can be ordered from our distributors in Poland and abroad. Do you want to learn more? Contact us - we will help you choose the best solutions for your office!
The hybrid work model is the solution of the future. Assumptions that office spaces will evolve in this direction arose some time ago. This trend has strengthened significantly in the past year. Home office has become an everyday reality in many Polish and foreign companies. And while it works very well, an opportunity to meet in real life is also important. So hybrid offices will appear in place of traditional ones. See what this modern concept is all about! What are hybrid offices? This system assumes that most people perform their work duties remotely and only show up at the company's premises once in a while. The only employees permanently present at company desks are those who are required to do so by the specificity of their tasks. Thus, an employee has no fixed workstation. When an employee comes into the office, they sit down at a free table, and after the job is done, they collect their stuff. When designing an interior with a hybrid spirit, you shall consider: a typical office space - with desks and chairs, conference and multimedia rooms - separated by modular and acoustic furniture, coworking space - for quick meetings, but also comfortable relaxation. Opt for flexibility and mobility Since the purpose of modern office is, above all, to maintain relations, serve as a space for the exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration, its heart is the co-working zone. When arranging it, choose flexible solutions that will provide maximum comfort for employees during meetings, tasks, and social conversations. The furniture you choose should be functional and mobile. Be sure to think of a comfortable relaxation area that is conducive to creative work. Quadra modular systems for offices or our new Plint collection are perfect for this! With the help of sofas, armchairs, pouffes, and partition walls, you can create a friendly space which can be quickly and conveniently adapted to your dynamically changing needs. Ensure high acoustic comfort Mobile acoustic walls from the Selva collection will come in handy – modern screens also come in a version equipped with wheels: very good sound absorption, privacy guaranteed, stay focused on a task or conversation. These types of solutions will work well in a coworking area, as well as in an office space designed for an individual work. Online meetings and video conferencing? Check out the Treehouse collection! Traditional conference rooms with large tables and chairs will be replaced by... modern acoustic booths! The mini lounges from the Treehouse collection are a combination of great design and superior functionality. We have designed them in a way, which helps you create a separate, quiet space in an otherwise noisy open space. In the collection, you will find models: 1, 2, and 4-person, closed and open, designed for seated or standing work. Treehouseoffice furniture is the perfect place for brainstorming or hosting a teleconference. It will also work well as a secluded space for important business discussions and individual work. Arrange a modern hybrid office with us! These and many other suggestions can be found in the product catalog of Bejot company. We are a Polish manufacturer of modern office and acoustic furniture and we distribute our products across Poland and abroad. Need personalized solutions? With the help of the configurator, you can adjust the chosen design to your needs. Check our offer, and if you have any questions, give us a call or write to us - we will be glad to advise you!
Flexible solutions are becoming increasingly important in office design. One of the top priorities is to create a functional space that also stimulates employee creativity. To meet these needs, interior architects and manufacturers of office and acoustic furniture propose modern projects in the Agile spirit. What is this approach based on? Check it out! What are Agile offices? In an office space designed according to the Agile philosophy, open space is divided into zones that are fully or partially enclosed - and usually they are not separate rooms. To create an employee-friendly environment conducive to creative work, it's worth reaching for modern modular furniture - our sets from the Leaf_pod collection are perfect for this purpose; thanks to them, we can not only create a separate space but also take care of the appropriate office acoustics.  On the other hand, soundproof booths and office phone booths offer not only a great design but also enormous functionality. Which proposals from the Bejot brand product range fit best into the new trend? Treehouseacoustic office furniture The ability to move and communicate freely increases team creativity and productivity. However, a modern office should also provide conditions for comfortable and concentrated work.  Modular acoustic furniture will come in handy for that. 2 and 4-person conference rooms as well as 1-person phone booths are suitable solutions for small meetings or video conferences. Compact soundproof booths also guarantee complete discretion during business talks and the signing of commercial contracts. Treehouse booths are mini conference rooms for your office, inside which several people can comfortably work in silence.  A large selection of upholstery, tops, and wooden panels will make the configuration of the product a real arranging pleasure. Treehouseacoustic booths are equipped with: comfortable seats, space for multimedia equipment, LED lamps with the option to adjust the angle of incidence and intensity of light, soundproof glazing that insulates from external noise and perfectly silences conversations inside. ventilation for high working comfort, acoustic panels filled with special acoustic fleece with high sound absorption coefficiency.   Modular acoustic furniture  A set of comfortable sofas and armchairs from the Plint collection allows you to quickly and effectively divide your office space into functional zones. High, upholstered backrests act as partition walls, offering acoustic properties at the same time. You can use individual pieces to create a variety of configurations. The modern Leaf_Pod modular furniture also guarantees the ideal combination of open space and individual work areas. On the one hand, they allow employees to interact freely; on the other hand, they create a good environment for concentrated action. The collection includes a number of solutions that allow you to create a separate room, equipped with walls, roof, table, and chairs, in a common space. Thanks to practical modules, you can create comfortable places for meetings, conferences, team work or individual work. Create an office in the spirit of Agile Check out the range of office and acoustic furniture by Bejot and make your office more flexible! You will find ergonomic chairs, tables and desks as well as modern modular and sound absorbing systems. All products are available from distributors across Poland and abroad. See and choose the solution that works best for you!
After a long period of working online, many businesses want to resume work at their workplaces. However, it is connected with new challenges - it requires the use of solutions that will provide employees with full comfort and safety while performing their professional duties. Acoustic booths and pods are perfect for the design of office space for the time of the pandemic. We suggest how to use them - check it out! Comfortable and safe office space - how to arrange it? More and more companies decide to return to their offices - often at the express request of the employees themselves. While remote working is ideal for some, it is not for everyone. Nowadays, modern technologies offer many possibilities, but in some situations, real meetings work better. When looking for ways to design a comfortable and safe office space, it's worth checking out the offer of a manufacturer of soundproof products. Telephone booths and acoustic pods - normally used to improve office acoustics - deserve special attention here. Thanks to them you can easily and quickly divide open space into separate zones. Would you like to learn more about their use? Keep reading! What are acoustic pods? It is specially designed furniture in the form of a miniature house or a telephone booth. They can successfully serve as a separate "room" or a cosy conference room. Depending on the model, one or several people can work comfortably inside the booth. Our Treehouse and Quadra standing box glass booths are equipped with: comfortable upholstered seats, comfortable places to work with a laptop, additional space for multimedia equipment with media ports, energy-saving LED lighting with adjustable light angle and intensity, efficient ventilation system, possibility to use an air purifier, high quality soundproof glass. In all booths, it is possible to use transport wheels, which facilitate the assembly of the booth in any place. Why use acoustic booths when designing an office? Acoustic pods successfully replace separate rooms, they allow required social distance to be maintained. This increases safety in the workplace. In addition, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, they absorb sound. They allow you to fully concentrate on your task or conversation. It is an ideal space for exchanging ideas during brainstorming sessions, but also for individual work in silence. The soundproof glass installed in the booths insulates from outside noise perfectly, while at the same time silencing the conversations inside. Therefore, this type of solution is also ideally suited for video conferencing. They also create comfortable conditions for conversations and guarantee complete discretion in case of signing important business contracts. Depending on the option chosen, the glazing in the Treehouse collection can be single or double-sided. Due to a wide selection of colours and fabrics, and the possibility of using wooden panels, we can ensure that each office interior will have an individual character. Choose the best solution for your office! According to studies, some employees have decided not to work remotely at all. Others can't wait to return to their offices because they notice a decrease in efficiency when working remotely. See our acoustic booths and return to your workplace! All products in our offer can be ordered from our distributors in Poland and abroad. See and choose the best solutions for your office!
A conference room is a place that not only has to look great, but also provide comfort to those staying in it. This is where meetings with clients, recruitment talks, negotiations and many other important events take place. Some of them require long hours of sitting which is only possible on comfortable conference chairs. Where to find the perfect equipment which combines aesthetics and comfort? What furniture will work best? Experts from Bejot give their suggestions. Check it out. Conference chairs - how to choose? Our chairs decorate corporate spaces both in Poland and many other countries. Our experience shows, however, that regardless of the location - the needs always come first: ergonomics, functionality, style, durability. As a manufacturer attentive to customers’ expectations, we have been refining conference and office chairs over the years. This has resulted in collections of elegant and practical models. The nature and style of a piece of furniture is determined not only by its shape, but also by the colour of construction, wood and upholstery. You can choose from Scandinavian, glamour, futuristic and many other styles. If you want to ensure comfort for your guests and staff - choose contoured armchairs upholstered with soft fabric. Ergonomic furniture is a way to prevent back, neck or shoulder pain. Choose products that: enable height adjustment, have soft foam-filled seats, with back-friendly backrests. Conference chairs - choose in line with style! The conference room is the flagship of your company. Another criterion you should adopt during your search is the style of the products. Think about what suits the character of the interior and your business, and what impression you want to make on your guests. A large number of the same armchairs makes them an important and strong accent in the arrangement, and a variety of products in one collection ensures cohesion of the interior. More massive conference chairs will work better in large spaces, whereas if you are furnishing a small room - choose chairs with a lighter construction. To make the choice easier for our clients, we have separated a special category of products dedicated to conference halls. You will find both designer models on light metal legs and Scandinavian style products warming the interior. Moreover - each of them can be customized in terms of material and design. Conference chairs - customizable You can customise each office conference chair from our range in terms of style. We offer fabric samplers with dozens of colours, structures and patterns, and the available plastic and powder coat colours and wood finishes mean that everyone can create a unique, individual space.  You should know that no matter what you choose, you are investing in solid seats that will serve you for many years. Become part of our satisfied customers! If you are looking for conference chairs which will not only give comfort to your guests and staff, but also enhance the prestige of your company - be sure to check out our offer. We offer durable office equipment used by clients all over the world. A large selection of models and the possibility to personalise them is a way to find the perfect chairs for your office. Visit us!  
    New configurators - a simple design tool We have prepared configurators for the modular collections leaf_pod and saar. Intuitive tools that will allow you to quickly create an individual set.    leaf_pod modular system of walls, sofas, countertops, shelves and other accessories       saar bookstands with individually tailored sizes, colors and accessories Leaf_pod configurator There are 11 universal sets enabling you to easily change the color, match the size and equipment and add roofs or TV brackets. Saar configurator There are several dozen ready-made templates to help you match the colors and equipment: shelves, cabinets, seats, coat stands and much more.       The configurators can be accessed through: 1. Our website 2. The pCon.planner 3. Mobile applications:     pcon.facts We invite you to creative work.      
Did you know that properly chosen ergonomic office chairs have a significant impact on productivity levels and even health itself? The position you sit in at work determines not only how you feel in the office, but outside it too. Even if you don’t feel any difference the first few days, the chair will either be your ally or a silent thief of energy in the long run. What do ergonomic principles indicate about choosing office furniture? Check it out below! Ergonomic office armchair - what, how and why? The word "ergonomic" itself seems to be a bit of  exaggerated. However, if we take a closer look at the term, it turns out that it is indeed a key feature - or rather a set of features - of a well-made piece of furniture. A user-friendly office chair will meet certain specific and well-defined criteria. What are they? The general rule is that the chair must provide a comfortable and unforced position. You will find detailed information on this in OHS regulations. However, to save you a long read, the most important principles are given below. An ergonomic office chair should: be adjustable in height with the seat at the height of 45-50 cm from the floor and the armrest at the level of 19-25 cm from the seat, have a stable base with at least five support points, e.g. wheels, have a well-profiled backrest that is adjustable in height and angle, ensure freedom of movement. Against all appearances, a chair does not need to have a headrest. It is enough if the backrest is high enough and provides full comfort. Summing up - ergonomic chairs should be comfortable and ensure safety even if you spend many hours sitting at a desk. Ergonomic chairs - invest well! Office furniture also needs to be durable. Long hours of using for at least 5 days a week makes these products wear out. If you want long-lasting chairs, pay attention to abrasion resistance and light of the fabrics when purchasing. Each upholstery material in our offer has been described in detail in terms of these and other parameters. The most durable are, naturally, synthetics such as Nice or Fighter made of 100% polyester. However, if you want to obtain timeless furnishings, bet on wool - you will also find this natural fibre strengthened with polyamide in various versions - Synergy, Remix, or a new fabric in our offer - Easy. Unique look and functionality The style of an office and the quality of furniture play an image role. Chairs or desks that are of poor durability and workmanship convey the message that "this company is not doing well". On the other hand, solid furnishings with an interesting design "inform" customers and employees that the business is thriving. It is worth investing in ergonomic chairs also because they clearly reduce the risk of pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck. To the health of your staff! With many years of experience, we provide proven solutions that meet the health and safety requirements and needs of our customers across the world. In our offer you will find ergonomic office armchairs of elegant shapes and upholstery materials which you can customize. Choose a model and select the type, pattern and colour of fabric for it. Take care of the details and order an embroidered logo on the armchair backrest. We guarantee a wide selection and the highest standard of workmanship. Check us out.
    The high acoustic qualities of the Treehouse booths have been confirmed by an independent research and scientific centre. The booths have received the tests certificates according to the latest international standards: PN-EN ISO 11957: 2010 and PN-EN ISO 717-1: 2013. Treehouse cabins and booths have been created to separate a space in a noisy room and enables to concentrate and quieten down. They are ideal places for meetings in a smaller group, independent work or teleconferences. The collection consists of 1, 2 and 4-person products, closed (booths) and open (furniture), in which you can stand or sit. We provide a brochure in which we have detailed the acoustic properties of Treehouse products.
The time of epidemic is the worldwide experiment on the Home Office. Slowly, but companies are preparing for a big return to the offices. The workplace should always be ergonomic, i.e., optimally adapted to the human needs. Al the same, during a pandemic, the issue of safety comes to the fore. How to prepare for the new situation and take care of the health of employees in this special period? What office furniture will provide a maximum comfort during work? Let us give you a hint! Safe office in the times of the pandemic - this is what you have to remember Opinions on remote working are split. For some, it has proven to be a perfect solution. Others are longing for the reactivation of offices. In order to ensure that your employees can return to your company safely, it is worth observing a few basic rules, but also keep common sense. Firstly: take care of cleanliness Hand washing protects against infections, and regular disinfection of surfaces and furniture: desktops, armrests of office chairs and chairs ensures a high microbiological cleanliness.  Secondly: use common sense Excessive hygiene impairs an immune system, and a good immunity during an epidemic is essential.  Thirdly: give the right to choose to your employees It is worth enabling to return to a registered office of the company by those who want to come back and allow others to work remotely. The fewer persons in the office space, the better. After all, one of the basic preventative measures during a pandemic is social distancing. For the purpose of ensuring a safe distance for your employees, use the ergonomic, modern modular furniture system we have developed with your office in mind! The leaf_pod collection - modular office furniture in action! The leaf_pod collection by the Bejot brand is a set: walls, sofas, tabletops, shelves, as well as many other accessories for the office. The individual elements of the system are lightweight and thus very mobile. They can be freely combined in order to create interesting configurations. Thanks to this you can match the office furniture 100% to your needs and spatial arrangement of the premise. All parts of the set have been designed according to the principles of human ergonomics. Profiled seats and backrests and the possibility of the individual height adjustment of particular elements ensure a maximum comfort while working. The partition walls make it possible to keep a necessary distance and additionally allow you to focus better on the tasks performed. Modern design is another advantage of this solution. It makes it easy to match the furniture to the visual concept of the office. Have you already got to know our leaf_pod configurators? This intuitive tool will enable you to develop your own individual leaf_pod configuration. With its support you can quickly and conveniently match furniture and equipment: shelves, chairs, armchairs, desks and storage units to your office space. With a single click you can change the colours, size and layout of the modules. Test it today on the web site or in the mobile app. You can order the leaf_pod collection from our distributors in Poland and worldwide. Do you have any additional questions? Contact us - we will help you optimise your office space for the time of pandemic!
Remote working has become an everyday reality for many persons, so a comfortable office space in the flat is essential. When designing a Home Office, it is worth taking into account both a design of the furniture and its functionality. A properly chosen chair and desk, as well as lighting, will increase your efficiency and will have a positive impact on your well-being. How to arrange a place to work at home according to the principles of ergonomics? See our expert advice! Ergonomic Home Office space – so, how it looks like? Such which considers all of human needs related to a fulfilment of the professional duties and provides you with a maximum comfort when working remotely. You can arrange it in any premises. Just pay special attention to: a choice of the proper place, a separation of the office area from the rest of the interior, ergonomic furniture, i.e., a comfortable desk and armchair, well-chosen lighting. Think also about a design. Aesthetically arranged space is more pleasant to work in. Instead of strong contrasts and flamboyant colours, which can be distracting, opt for muted, light colours. In the Home Office area, modern, minimalist and Scandinavian designs will work perfectly. It is also worth ensuring that the work area matches a style of the rest of the premises. What furniture to choose for your home office? A properly chosen desk and ergonomic chair are a cornerstone. They will ensure a maximum comfort to you while working and prevent strain on the spine and wrists. When making a purchase, take the following into account: a height of tabletop and seat, a proper fit of armrests and headrests, an ergonomic profiling of seat and backrest. Which chair to choose in order to match your desk? Models in which you can adjust a height of the individual elements to suit you will work best. Another significant aspect is a proper profiling. A good office chair should support the cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections of the spine. Ergonomics of a chair also means its height. Adjust it so that when you sit, your hip and knee joints are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. The third significant issue constitute the armrests. The optimum adjustment of their height in relation to the desk will protect your wrists from any strains. How to separate the Home Office space? Ideally, a separate premise should be designated for the home office. However, very often the only option is to separate a place to work in the living room or bedroom. In such a situation, an ergonomic chair and a desk are not sufficient. For the purpose of ensuring silence and as much focus as possible on the tasks performed, it is also worth using modern acoustic solutions. The Roll Wall mobile partition walls by Bejot will prove useful not only in corporate open space, but also in the Home Office. They quickly and effectively separate the office zone from the rest of the interior. In this way you will create conditions conducive to focus attention. If you have children at home, you will particularly appreciate this solution. The elements upholstered with soft fabric will also make an interesting decoration. Choose your favourite colour and match them to the style of your flat! Optimise your home office with us! Are you still taking thought which office armchair, chair or desk will work best in your home office? Discover Bejot furniture - you can use our offer in Poland and all across the world. Do you need any professional advice? Contact us - we will present you the ideas for the modern Home Office arrangements!
    It's time for changes! At Bejot, for years we have paid attention to human needs and responsibility towards the environment. We are a factory where we produce office and acoustic furniture consciously and ethically. By changing the visual identity, we want to communicate the priorities of our company in a clear and legible way. The new logo presents minimalism, timeless elegance and aesthetics of Bejot products. We have distinguished five areas that promote the ideas that are the most important to us:     
We are introducing a new collection of fabrics in 16 colours, with an interesting, expressive twill weave, to our unique Studio Design line, to the 5th price group. The uniqueness of this product, however, lies in the origin of the material from which the yarn is made. This is a small step in the necessary action for our ecosystem. Oceanic is 100% made of polyester of recycled plastic from bottles and foil bags, 50% of which of the innovative Seaqual yarn. It is made of reusing ocean-floating plastic waste.     Its universal, non-obvious colours make Oceanic an interesting proposition for various interiors, both office and private. It has good abrasion resistance and an Oekotex certificate, which confirms the harmlessness of the product for humans. The collection can be used in most Bejot products – both in low and lounger sets, acoustic systems and in swivel chairs.   SAMPLER CARD TEXTURES
Silent Block Sky ceiling panels obtained the highest absorption class A, and Silent Block Wall panels - absorption class B. The tests were carried out according to two norms , which are specifying the methods of measuring noise absorption: ISO 20189:2018 - latest norm dedicated to acoustic panels and furniture, ISO 354: 2003 - standard norm for acoustic materials. The measurements were carried out by the Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics of AGH in Krakow. Why you should invest in acoustics? Acoustic panels offered by Bejot are perfectly improving the acoustics of the office and reducing the noise level, which significantly reduces the amount of stimuli reaching the brain and enables employees to work effectively in comfortable conditions.   Which products to choose? The type, number and arrangement of sound absorbers depends on various factors, such as the area, number of people in the room or noise level. Our specialists will help you choose the optimal solution, perfect for your spaces.   More information Bejot acoustic panels and screens information on office acoustics   Contact Project Manager in the field of acoustics Marcin Latta tel.: +48 790 588 464 email:
Many interior designers will enjoy this news, as 3D Warehouse is one of the most popular catalogs of 3D models and it's integrated with SketchUp. We have uploaded most of our products: chairs, sofas and acoustic screens and furniture. Including: Ox:co, Orte, Epocc, Selva, Quadra. Having easier access to our models, architects will be able to design better, more comfortable and modern interiors of offices and public spaces. Link to Bejot models in 3D Warehouse
The new round modules of the quadra collection are minimalistic, carefully designed forms. The versatility of the quadra collection brings new design possibilities for various spaces. Download quadra round brochure.  
As a Polish factory, we feel socially responsible to take all measures that will contribute to supporting healthcare in the fight against coronavirus. That is why, in cooperation with Sanepid and the Hospital in Śrem, we started the production of protective masks, which we will equip the Hospital in Śrem as well as the Hospital in Kościan. To this end, we have created a special room where a dedicated Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian team sews masks in safe conditions. The masks are three-layer, made of medical fleece. Today we are sending the first set to the hospital in Śrem. We plan to sew over 20,000 pcs. We are grateful to our health services: doctors, nurses, laboratory diagnostics, paramedics, dispatchers, drivers, all hospital staff, pharmacists and many others who are on constant service since the pandemic of the coronavirus was announced. Thank you for your dedication and fight for our health. You are heroes for us.
We have equipped with our furniture a chillout zone at the fair together with our distributor from Gdańsk, i.e.  Krusel company, as well as Torus company. The fair was held in Gdańsk between 8-9 May 2019 in the AmberExpo Exhibition and Convention Centre of the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. The Infoshare fair is the biggest tech conference in the region that develops an ecosystem, in which the new technologies connect with business.  Each year thousands of the participants come to Gdańsk. Among them are the start-ups, investors, representatives of corporate bodies, software developers and marketers.   Two days of the conference is 9 thematic stages, 200 speakers, more than 150 presentations and accompanying events, which are an opportunity to establish new contacts and exchange experiences.  We were very delighted to ensure some relax to the fair participants. The visitors had an opportunity to swing in our Social Swings, came back for a moment to the childhood and a house on the tree while sitting in our Treehouse, as well as feel for a while as on the beach in our Beachhouse.
Dear Madam or Sir, with regard to a development of the COVID-19 epidemic, we would like to present in this brief letter how the Bejot Ltd. responds to the current situation, what actions we have taken, and how we are preparing for the near future.  The policy of our factory is always in conformity with the recommendations of the sanitary services and WHO, and already a couple of weeks ago as a reaction to the development of the COVID-19 virus in other countries, we introduced the measures aimed at protecting health of our Partners, Customers and Employees. We restricted a number of the visits to our factory to a minimum, as well as a number of the business trips of our employees. The reinforced procedures related to a disinfection and reduction of all external contacts on the ongoing basis were implemented by us, too. We took a decision to suspend the repair and maintenance services until further notice, and we will process the complaint orders at the factory. From today's perspective, we do not foresee any serious disruptions. The orders and deliveries are executed according to the schedule by us. We are committed to providing you with full service during this difficult period.  We are at your disposal. Please send all your inquiries and information on the current issues by e-mail or phone. The situation is changing in a very dynamic manner, and we are monitoring its progress closely. You will be kept updated on the status of the orders and deliveries by us. We are grateful for your partnership in this difficult time for all of us. We kindly ask you for patience and unity in a situation that concerns us all.                                                                We wish You continued health and a lot of strength                                                                                                   Management Board of Bejot Ltd.  
We have expanded the Treehouse collection! One of the most recognizable Bejot collections - Treehouse - has been expanded to include new acoustic booths.   Product cards: TREEHOUSE sitting dual TREEHOUSE sitting four TREEHOUSE standing single Treehouse is one of Bejot's flagship products, which has been expanded to include new booths that fully fulfill acoustic functions. In addition to acoustic walls, the products are also equipped with glass front/back integrated with acoustic foil, so they can be used as mini conference rooms (dedicated for 2 or 4 people) and 1-person rooms where you can conduct a conference call or work in perfect silence. The Treehouse collection will be perfect not only in office space, but also in public areas. Product cards: TREEHOUSE sitting dual TREEHOUSE sitting four TREEHOUSE standing single
As Covid-19 is spreading and the medical health protection is conducted only with social distancing and proper desinfection, many offices will struggle with is maintaining a safe environment for their clients and employees. On the other hand, we are currently getting to notice that every person has their own different working styles and schemes. The pandemic is giving us an opportunity to reevaluate and readapt the way we think about our workplace.  See our post-covid reality brochure.  
See our inspirations for home office in various rooms around the house. Discover the trends in interior design for 2020. Find your favorite work chair. Choose the fabric and color that match your decor. Download our home office suggestions.  
Another great realization one of our partners - Krusel. Krusel's projects are undoubtedly one of the most interesting, in which every detail is well thought out and the selection of products is at the highest level. Consistent colors, innovative solutions and, above all, functionality - this is Nippon - Alchemia Center Gdańsk. Spaces that refer to nature in a simple but interesting way at the same time, thus providing a perfect place to relax. Common spaces, clean, simple, but extremely attractive in terms of design. And conference rooms in the colors of nature, ideally suited to conduct meetings. Congratulations and we wish Krusel more such successful realizations.  
This year a company COMFORTZONE took part in The Kyiv International Furniture Forum (KIFF).  Comfortzone presented also Bejot products. The Kyiv International Furniture Forum (KIFF) is the largest international exhibition of furniture and interior items in Ukraine, an indisputable indicator of the state and development of the furniture industry of that country, an inexhaustible source of modern technologies, ideas, trends and trends for the interior design. The KIFF furniture exhibition is more than 700 brands, located on 30,000 m2 of exhibition space, so we are very pleased that we could be part of it.  
As every year, the Arena Design fair is held in the capital of Greater Poland, where producers from various industries from around the world have the opportunity to present their new products. The fair is accompanied by the Top Design Award competition, in the finale of which in the Office category were two Bejot products - Treehouse Standing and Leaf_pod Chat_pod. This is of course a very great distinction for us.
On 21st March 2019, together with our distributor the Krusel company, we equipped with our furniture the Social Media Show.  The organisers of this event included: STARTER Business Incubator in Gdańsk and City of Gdańsk. The sixth edition of the Social Media Show took us on an amazing journey through the world of the social media and marketing. This time the Social Media Show came back in the slightly refreshed one-day formula. The full of calories presentations or the awesome examples could be found not only by the experts, who work with the social media on the everyday basis, but also those fascinated by this theme. The interesting topics, well-known speakers made the event extremely interesting.
Between 24-27 January 2019 the International Congress Centre and the “Spodek” Arena in Katowice hosted the 4th edition of the 4 Design Days. Once again, Bejot had a pleasure to take part in this event and support one of our distributors, the Vimex company, in order to present our news to the visitors. Furthermore, we furnished the lecture rooms and the space around a main stage thus bringing the guests closer to the Green Park Office concept. During four days of the fair, the professionals and the enthusiasts of the good design were offered an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in architecture and design, as well as to participate in the fascinating presentations or meetings with the experts. Undoubtedly, the 4 Design Days is one of the most important events in this part of Europe and you have just to be there – it is really worth visiting.
In May 2019, Bejot took part in the conference organised by My Bambino entitled "Integration for Education 2019. We create a new dimension of school space".  The meetings with the representatives of the education sector were held in nine cities such as: Wrocław, Katowice, Cracow, Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, Lublin and Warsaw. The schoolmasters, teachers and representatives of the local governments and districts responsible for the education, were offered an opportunity to meet with the experts and listen to  a cycle of the lecturers aimed at familiarising with the new trends in school space arrangement and development of the spaces that support the education environment. The representatives of Bejot during the presentation entitled "The key worldwide trends in  furnishing the schools and their impact on the development of the attitudes" presented the various concepts of the space arrangement in the schools in  Scandinavia and Great Britain, as well as the effects of the long-term cooperation with the education sector in these countries.
We are constantly working on improving our website, as is the case with our products. We've made many changes that will help you navigate the site and find interesting information.         Clear division of products into new categories           Preview of all collections in the menu and on a separate page           Searching for all models with filtering option           Descriptive product names           Option to download product cards for specific models           View of all models of a given product           Playing instructional videos on the site