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Fora - Danish design with a modern twist



The style of Kasper Mose – author of the timeless Plint furniture and the latest Fora collection – is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. It stands out for its simplicity, functionality and minimalism. It successfully combines organic lines and soft, voluminous solids.


The first idea about the Fora collection was to make a low, comfortable lounge modular system which appeals to informal meetings, explains the designer. Hence the name: Fora is the Latin version of the word forum, which means a place to gather, a place for dialog and interaction, often in a public space.

Kasper Mose is a Danish-born architect, furniture and interior designer specialising in spatial planning. He graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2008 at the Institute of Design. He gained experience at top Danish design studios: Arkitema and Friis & Moltke Architects. In 2020, he opened his own design studio, where he seeks simplicity and a holistic approach to architecture and furniture design.



Fora by Bejot / Kasper Mose


The praise of simplicity

The minimalist aesthetic of the Fora collection is the quintessence of soft lines and carefully finished surfaces, with every detail taken care of. The modular sofa is simple, versatile and cosy. The thick, soft and deep seat guarantees comfort – the sofa conforms to the human body for maximum comfort.

What catches the eye is the organic shape of the sofa back, which combines contemporary living and Scandinavian simplicity. By adding soft decorative cushions to it, we can create a homely atmosphere in any office and ensure a cosy interior. The cushions are available in two sizes and shapes: smaller square ones and larger rectangular ones.



Fora by Bejot / Kasper Mose


Focusing on the interior

Fora is a well-designed collection, thought through in every detail. It will decorate the chill-out rooms in workplaces, and highlight spacious waiting rooms, lobbies, public spaces and homes. All the more so as AT&T Global Business Solutions predicts that the number of people using a hybrid mix of remote and desktop working will increase from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024.

What makes this collection special? Straight lines on the outside, and softer and more organic forms on the inside, says Kasper. Playing with lightness and contemporary shapes allows you to create a set according to your own needs and preferences. The collection includes: modular sofas, acoustic furniture and coffee tables. Although Fora looks like a classic sofa, its modularity and wide range of different compositions make it the perfect choice for mixed-use interiors.



Fora by Bejot / Kasper Mose


Freedom of choice

The Fora sofas are made using resilient upholstery foam and wave springs, making it incredibly soft and comfortable. The minimalist steel base gives it a loft look softened by the deep seat and thick and soft back.

The seat that complements the sofa can also be a pouffe, which is also excellent as a standalone piece of furniture. The modules can be combined with special connectors to create individual configurations of sofas. The ideal complement to the collection are sets of sofas with acoustic walls, allowing to create an even more private atmosphere.

The Fora tables, on the other hand, come in two sizes. The rectangular or square top, which is rested on a powder-coated metal frame, can be made of laminated board, finger joint oak or high-quality HPL board.



Fora by Bejot / Kasper Mose


Harmony, focus, calmness

A sofa and an armchair with acoustic walls make it possible to create a cosy space corresponding to the entire collection. The walls are filled with a special acoustic fleece, which creates an additional acoustic surface in the room.

When I think of this collection, I see classics, elegance and modularity, concludes Kasper Mose. Fora successfully brings homely warmth and cosiness into open office and public spaces, he adds. The collection is distinguished by its wide range of different compositions, as well as its simple and timeless design. 



Fora by Bejot / Kasper Mose