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Leaf_pod - comprehensive answer to the needs of a modern office



Offices are evolving and, with them, the solutions that are part of the modern working environment. The space of the modern office is still open, but with clear divisions between formal and informal areas. Some are designed to encourage individual work, others to support interaction between co-workers. Functional office furniture to help plan the arrangement is a step towards a modern office space.

Creating a flexible workspace that meets the different expectations of its users is an extremely difficult task. The key to success may be to use the Leaf_Pod collection of modular furniture designed by Dmitri Maltsev in the arrangement. Leaf_Pod is a solution designed for comfortable open space working, combining the need to collaborate in a team with working in isolation.






Multifunctional Leaf_pod furniture with a wide range of applications

The Leaf_pod collection is difficult to classify unequivocally into one typical group of furniture products. It combines a number of different functions and has the features of a bench, the comfort of soft seating furniture and the functionality of acoustic products. Leaf_pod is ideal for zoned offices, enabling 3 different functional areas to be separated: work, collaboration and rest.





Work area

The concentration area designed by Dymitr Malcew, created mainly for working in silence, is a real mine of new ideas, concepts and original designs. Thanks to the various configurations of Leaf_pod modules, which include a desk, sofa and canopy-covered acoustic wall, it is possible to design a comfortable workspace conducive to increased concentration, without closing off the possibility of communicating freely with co-workers. In hybrid offices, employees currently in the office can use single focus_pod workstations, while in large call centres, a snake_pod set will solve problems with noise and lack of privacy.





Cooperation area

The vision of a post-pandemic office where everyone works alone, isolated from the rest of the team, has not worked. People need each other - sharing experiences and motivating each other is invaluable. Integration and collaboration will be facilitated by the right place. Today's meetings no longer need to take place in closed, uninspiring spaces. Leaf_pod modules can be put together in layouts to suit your needs. A short project meeting for a team of several people is best held in a brainstorm_pod room with a wide work surface, surrounded from the outside by high walls. The cosy space creates a sense of security and enables integration, unleashing the team's creativity. A meeting with a client also requires the right setting. Comfortable chat_pod sofas facing each other facilitate any conversation and make it flow in a pleasant atmosphere. The possibility of displaying a presentation on a monitor undoubtedly increases the effectiveness of the conversation.





Relaxation area

Relaxation areas in modern companies are a necessity that benefits all employees. A shared area where people can relax and chat naturally strengthens bonds between employees. Using leaf_pod sofa free modules consisting of sofas, pouffes and loungers, it is possible to organise an informal zone in the office where everyone feels at ease. The cushions of various sizes and the soft lighting included in the collection will be useful in creating a homely atmosphere. The free-standing modules connected by tables also become an interesting alternative to reception sofas.


The modern office needs quiet

Regardless of where and how we work, we need to ensure our comfort and reduce stress factors. One of these, and one that is the most bothersome and has a diminishing effect on employees' concentration levels, is the noise in the office.

Leaf_pod is an excellent tool in the fight against unwanted sounds, which can even effectively replace several wall panels. The large surface area of the upholstered walls, filled with special acoustic fleece, effectively shields and absorbs sounds. The acoustic wave therefore penetrates to a lesser extent into the other workstations. It is significantly more quiet in the office and employees can work in full concentration.





Well organised office

Modern office furniture responds to the needs of employees and makes their work more efficient. Organising accessories (cable trunking, media holders, mediaports and chargers) bring order to workstations, increasing comfort and safety. Items that act as office assistants are also invaluable. A pen tray, document rack, coat or key hangers and a magnetic board are undoubtedly what significantly reduces wasted time searching for lost accessories. Small designer accessories give each workstation a personal touch, enlarge the workspace and make work easier and more productive.


Choose the best solution!

Do you have a large space in which you want to arrange a multifunctional and modern office interior? Are you looking for designs that will allow you to decorate your office in a way that is far from the popular cliché and duplicated patterns? If so, the modular Leaf_pod system is the perfect solution for you. It has a great design, is extremely functional and effective in the fight against noise.

Have you already decided but are not sure which modules to choose? On our website you will find a configurator to help you create the office furniture layout of your dreams. Click here and find out yourself.