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Bejot in Eindhoven: New Showroom in the Philips Post-factory Zone



We are delighted to announce that our Dutch distributor, Be-Max Office Concepts, has opened a Biophilic Design showroom filled with Bejot furniture. The showroom is located in Eindhoven, in the new architectural DONNA building, at the heart of the Philips industrial zone, which is now a vibrant showcase of the city.

The Netherlands joins France and Germany as another Western country where you can thoroughly explore a wide range of our furniture.

The DONNA building is accessible to external guests, inviting them to use the available spaces. In addition to the Be-Max showroom, there are co-working spaces, on two floors there is an oasis as a canteen, conference rooms, office spaces for other companies and apartments. All floors, including the Be-Max showroom, were designed by the same architectural studio, subtly referencing the distinctive features of Eindhoven's architecture and significant places for the city.

Employees and guests can relax on Fora sofas by the fireplace, sit on Woodbe wooden chairs surrounded by plants and flowers, or enjoy coffee on Epocc bar chairs. The space also features the most characteristic acoustic furniture from Bejot: the Treehouse booth, Leaf_pod sofa sets, and the well-known Social swing.

Biophilia, a central inspiration for Be-Max, is reflected in the arrangement of space and the materials used. The rooms are bright and spacious, dominated by natural colors such as shades of beige and green. An interesting detail is the use of a real fountain as a nod to the earthly elements.

The grand opening of the showroom took place during the celebration of Be-Max's 20th anniversary. Over 140 guests enthusiastically embraced the new space and the presented furniture, as well as various attractions, such as a caricaturist and a Formula 1 simulator. The evening concluded with a spectacular musical performance, symbolizing a new chapter for Be-Max and Bejot in the Netherlands.

The new showroom in Eindhoven is not just a place to showcase office furniture but also an oasis of inspiration for interior designers. We warmly invite you to explore this unique space where design, nature, and functionality come together harmoniously.

Contact details can be found on the new page: menu > about us > showrooms.